Sunday, January 17, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile : COVID-19 ups and downs

Time for our new two-weeks Live Updates post about everything Coronavirus in Egypt and the Arab world.

After an increase in the official number of coronavirus cases in Egypt, last week the numbers declined officially.

I am saying officially because you still hear more cases of coronavirus in your circles in Egypt nowadays.

It is enough to know that the Egyptian Medical syndicate recorded 31 fatalities of its members alone due to coronavirus in the first ten days of coronavirus.

In a Coronavirus isolation hospital in Egypt by Ahmed Gomaa
In a Coronavirus isolation hospital in Egypt by Ahmed Gomaa 

Personally, our family had its first fatality due to coronavirus, my mom’s cousin who already suffered kidney disease and due to her infection with coronavirus, she had a kidney failure.

Like many Egyptians, it was a hard thing to find a place for her in an ICU and she ended up in a private hospital on a ventilator before passing away. May Allah bless her soul and bring patience to her family.

In those upcoming days, the Egyptian government should start its vaccination process

Egypt’s Drugs Authority “EDA” had already approved the emergency use of China’s Sinopharma vaccine and set up a website so people can register but up till now, the vaccination process has not started yet.

It is worth to mention that according to previous statements of health officials predicted that the peak of the coronavirus’ second wave would be in late January.

Regionally, the Gulf states continue successfully in its vaccination programs. Algeria’s President is back to Germany to complete his coronavirus treatment. The numbers of coronavirus cases are surging in Lebanon for real. It is unclear how Lebanon can book vaccines with a financial crisis.

Anyhow please stay safe and stay home as much as you can.

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