Saturday, February 6, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile: Egypt’s COVID-19 January numbers in Graph

This is the time of our monthly post about the coronavirus pandemic and its numbers in graphs.

It is the first monthly post in 2021.

After December 2020 witnessed a leap in the cases of coronavirus in Egypt, January 2021 witnessed officially a decline in the numbers released by the Ministry of health, which I depend upon here.

Unofficially, there are indicators including the frantic search for beds for patients and the increase in cases of coronavirus in your circles.

A family in masks in Cairo
A family in masks in Cairo "Reuters"

Personally, our family had its first coronavirus fatality and I hope inshallah it will be the last.

It was my mom’s cousin who is older than her. A grandmother in her late 60s, she suffered from kidney disease already.

She could not find a bed in ICU in nearby hospitals in New Cairo and her condition detartrated.

When her family found a bed in a private hospital in Maadi, she had already a kidney failure and was put on a ventilator till the end.

May Allah bring patience to her family.

My direct cousin who is a young man in his twenties got coronavirus after spending the new year’s eve weekend in Taba.

Thankfully, it was mild and he recovered quickly.

Enough of the chat here are the numbers of January.

First, the daily cases of coronavirus in Egypt.

According to Minister of Health Hala Zayed in early January, the official numbers of cases represent between 10%-15% of the real number of cases.

Egypt's Ministry of Health has organized 64,000 visits to coronavirus patients who are self-isolating at homes and provided medication to 17,000 cases during the month of January, said Minister Zayed in a cabinet meeting last week.

According to the statement, we had not less than 17,000 cases in January plus those admitted in the official hospitals whom the ministry counts.

Moving to the fatalities numbers.

The numbers were going up and down but for me, there was an important indicator unofficially we can use and that’s the fatalities cases among medical doctors, unfortunately.

According to the officials at the Egyptian Medical Syndicate “The central union for doctors in the country”, January 2021 witnessed the highest number of coronavirus fatalities.

Their numbers say 98 doctors passed away in January 2021 and the officials have told me before their numbers are not accurate and the real fatalities can be more because simply they are not informed by every doctor’s death in time.

Moving to the fully recovered patients, which is the good news in this pandemic.

The official numbers as you can see started big and then went down.

I do not know why.

Anyhow stay safe guys.

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