Monday, April 12, 2021

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2021 : Tale of King Mahorab “The heirs' curse” Ep.1

And we are back to this wonderfully blessed time aka the Holy Month of Ramadan.

We are back to Ramadan as the Coronavirus pandemic is still with us threatening our safety and the safety of the people we love.

It is the second Ramadan in a row and hopefully inshallah next Ramadan, the world will be free from that awful pandemic.

Now Most importantly we need a break spiritually to have some rest from all that tension and fear. Ramadan is a good opportunity if we want to. 

Ramadan Kareem

Egyptian Chronicles Blog is back with its Ramadan Arabian Nights for the year 2021.

We are back to the realm of the Book of One Thousand and one night and the beautiful voice of Zozo Nabil as legendary actress Zouzou Nabil as Scheherazade.

Produced by Egyptian State Radio, we are back to the One Thousand and One Nights created by Egyptian Radio legend Mahmoud Shaaban aka Papa Sharo.

This year I chose the tale of King Mahorab or rather the saga of King Mahorab.

This year’s tale was written by legendary Taher Abu Fasha. It is not an original story from One Thousand and One Nights but you will see here the amazing talent of Abu Fasha as fiction and fantasy based on history and folklore writer.

Now after the break you can hear our first episode or rather episode No.523 in one of Egypt’s longest radio shows ever produced.

The episode starts with King Shahryar wondering why Scheherazade chose the colour blue to decorate where they are sitting that night and Scheherazade answers wisely that every colour represents something in life.

Scheherazade and the sultan by
the Iranian painter Sani ol molk (1849-1856)

The talk goes on and Scheherazade gets the king’s attention and ours by saying that colours played an important role in the life of King Mahorab as well as the lives of three girls, thus the saga of this year starts.

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Serendib, there is a royal dynasty where the kings have been cursed with the love of women and having lots and lots of children.

Thus the curse of the so-many heirs is born, brothers and cousins fought a lot over the reign.

For this King Shodar of Serendib decided to have one love and one wife but for his luck, his wife can’t bear a child. He fears repeating what happened to his father and grandfather. 

He summons the Great priest of Serendib Harut who served his grandfather and father.

Harut tells Shodar that fate can’t be change and according to his prophecy Shodar will have 30 women in his Harem and his son after him will have three women then there will be one queen for the king.

It is fate and Shodar can’t escape it, he will have to marry thirty women.

FYI, Serendib is the old name of Sri Lanka in Arabic and Persian

Tomorrow night we will know about Harut’s prophecy

You can check previous Ramadan Arabian Nights.

Till next night inshallah

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