Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2021 : Tale of King Mahorab “The 30th bride” Ep.2

Here we are on the second night of our Radio Arabian Nights this year.
We will continue our tale for this year, the tale of King Mahorab.

First of all, You can refresh your mind with what happened last night here.

It is the second episode in our tale and the 524th night in the nights of our Egyptian Radio show.

King Shador marries 29 women and yet he has no child so far.

He summons High Priest Harut and asks him why he can’t have a child but the old Harut reminds him of the prophecy.

An Indian painting of Harem from Jaipur
 late 18 century, National Museum, New Delhi

King Shador’s grandfather had three thousand women in his harem while his father had three hundred women. It is his turn to have thirty women before his son can have three so his grandson can have one woman.

Shador does not have many options, he must follow the words of the wise old man. He married a relative of the vizier Princess Fatoon.

His 29 wives are jealous and angry. They go mad when they know that Fatoon is pregnant.

They think Harut did some magic for her.

When Fatoon gives birth to a boy, she becomes the Sultana and Shador is extremely happy.

In a huge celebration, Serendib is introduced to its new crown prince and future King who is named by the high priest as Mahorab.

Prince Mahorab is raised happily with his parents but his stepmoms are angry and jealous.

Till next night inshallah

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