Friday, May 14, 2021

Bibi’s Game or How you make a time bomb and do not know how to stop it

When I saw the photo of the rockets launched from Gaza by Qassam brigades towards Israel in some cinematic scene, all I can think about is how this what current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi wanted from the start.

Photo showing the rockets coming reportedly from Gaza on 
Tuesday "Twitter" 

Bibi wanted to remain in the picture and if he has to leave, he will leave behind chaos just like any corrupted Middle Eastern despot.

Yes, Bibi made an achievement and truly became a Middle Eastern corrupted leader whether financially or politically or morally too.

What is better to create chaos or turning things upside down except by launching a war against Gaza once again?

It proved to be a successful tactic in the Middle East to make people forget democracy and human rights when they feel danger and that their own national security.

Bibi and partners in the Gulf do not want the Biden administration to revive the Iran deal.

Bibi does not really want to revive the peace process nor does he want to stop the expansion in settlements.

Erupting a short battle with militant groups of Gaza is a perfect way and he knows very well which buttons to push for this to happen.

"A video showing hundreds of rockets launched by Qassam targeting Tel Aviv on 11 May Tuesday."

Killing a bunch of Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s leaders used to do the trick in the past especially in Ramadan but this time the situation in East Jerusalem with the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood fight added more fuel. 

The Israeli forces that stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque last week during two of the holiest nights in the holy month of Ramadan were not acting on their own too.

The first moments of storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque as recorded on mobile phones 

Up till now, there has been no justification on why this storming happened in the first place. 

They were acting on higher orders that knew very the consequences of storming the third holiest site in Ramadan.

A window in Al-Aqsa Mosque hit by Israeli forces "AFP"
A window in Al-Aqsa Mosque hit by Israeli forces "AFP"

When I saw the photos and the videos, I wonder what Kind of game Bibi was playing here. Is he trying to induce another intifada !?  

Thus came the ultimatums of Qassam leaders to the Israeli government to back off Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Aqsa and then rockets came showering the Israeli cities in a way that no one has ever seen since 1948.

The rockets came and a big-time bomb has blown up in Bibi’s face and he is in big trouble now because he can’t retreat.

Bibi and the whole Israeli society suddenly woke up and found Israel’s Arabs aka Palestinians revolting inside the 1948 borders after decades of marginalization and mistreatment in hard economic times during a pandemic.

When the Palestinian flag was raised in 
Led on Tuesday 

Bibi and the whole Israeli society suddenly woke up and found Israel’s Iron dome could not stand against hundreds of rockets the Palestinian militant groups of Gaza kept to defend themselves and the sector that has been besieged for nearly 14 years successive years.

One of my old relatives, a fine lady from Upper Egypt told me on Tuesday that Israel suddenly realized from two days ago that it is surrounded by angry Arabs aka Palestinians with no hope and nothing to lose anymore whether in the Green Line or in Gaza and West Bank.

Bibi in Lod on Wednesday
Bibi in Lod on Wednesday and his face tells it all 

Yes, there are angry young Palestinians whether in the green line or in occupied territories who are fed up with being treated as third-degree citizens, fed up with the provocation and inhuman treatment.

Bibi achieved his plan perfectly, he got the rockets he wanted but a time bomb blew up in his face and the face of the Israeli society too.

That time bomb is created and fueled by the Israeli policies before anyone.

The Israeli apartheid policies whether in the green line or in the occupied territories are one of the main ingredients of this time bomb. 

Israeli daily Maariv on Wednesday 
"The state burns" 

Personally, I believe the last ingredient added to this time bomb was the catastrophic four years of Trump in the White House that technically killed any true attempt to revive the peace process in the Middle East.

Those four years and their terrible Middle East policies especially in Palestine came as the peak of complete Washington’s unconditional support to Israel that gave it a pass for its war crimes and international violations.

It is worth mentioning that in those four years, Palestinians tried to protest peacefully as much as they can against Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem.

But nobody cared or listened.

Some will blame the Palestinian leaders whether in Fatah or Hamas but actually what we see today is beyond the power of any political force, at least inside the green zone.

And yes, part of the Palestinian problem is the lack of a true Palestinian responsible leadership or rather how Israel kept possible figures of this responsible leadership behind bars because it is better to deal with Abu Mazen and co and the guys in Gaza are easy to provoke.

FYI Hamas has no problem in reaching a ceasefire according to the Egyptian officials from the General Intelligence who anonymously to news agencies in the past 48 hours.

I believe Bibi won't stop now because if he does accept a ceasefire deal, he will be a loser in front of the Israeli society and the international community. I believe that he will go into the route he knows well: a land operation in Gaza which will make it worse. 

Israel has always sustained its image as the strongest military power regionally, backing off now will be a bitter defeat for Israel's war machine and its political power always hungry Bibi. 

There is no turning back I am afraid. It is a chaos route. 

Bibi is a truly Mideast leader without a doubt. 

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