Thursday, May 13, 2021

Happy Eid Fitr 2021 from Egyptian Chronicles

Happy Eid Fitr 2021 from Egyptian Chronicles to all Muslims and people celebrating it

From Egypt earlier Thursday “Thanks to the amazing Documentaries 2000 Facebook page”. 

A cutie pie twin from Cairo by Mohamed Ibrahim 

Cutie pie twin celebrating Eid Fitr at the Mosque with cool sunglasses by 
Mohamed Ibrahim 

A boy celebrating Eid at Sultan Hassan Mosque after the prayer with a ball by Ahmed Abdel Rahman. 

A boy, his ball and his shadow by Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Two sisters celebrating Eid in Giza. 

Celebrating Eid with bubbles by Abdallah Mahmoud 

And Al-Azhar was fully packed during the Eid prayer by AFP talented photographer Khaled Desouki. 

Al Azhar Mosque during Eid prayer by Khaled Desouki

Please stay safe as much as you can. From the photos, you can see Mosques and people did not follow the rules set by the ministry of religious endowment by keeping a safe social distance between the worshipers and not bringing their kids. 

On the bright side, they brought their own praying mats and mask. 

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