Friday, June 18, 2021

And They chanted death to the Arabs

On Tuesday, a group of Ultra-Nationalist Zionist Israelis organized their controversial Israeli flags rally to celebrate the so-called Unification of Jerusalem.

That rally was adjourned several times but it seems that the new Cabinet led by alt-right PM Naftali Bennett went to win more hearts and minds of the alt-right nationalists thus rally went.

The Israeli occupation forces closed by force parts of the Palestinian quarters and shops so the rally would pass peacefully.

The numbers were smaller than expected and declared by their chants were too loud to the level not to be ignored.

“Death to the Arabs” and “Mohamed Is Dead”  chanted by all the hate in the world and you can just feel it. It is not the first time thought but it is the first time to be caught on camera like that. 

That’s hate speech in the simplest way to put it and it is protected by the Israeli government.

That video was mostly ignored by most mainstream media whether in the West or the Arab world despite its importance. 

I won't speak about the Western governments but if the opposite of this protest took place in an Arab capital where protesters chanted against Jews explicitly, we will hear more anger, unfortunately. 

Assaulting a protester in Jerusalem
This is from a protest two days later following the rally, the Palestinians
protesting the insults and honestly, I thought that after George Floyd, policemen
will stop assaulting the protesters like that "" 

It shows part of why it is hard to find real peace in the Middle East.

Many people think  the problem is in the Palestinians alone but let’s there is a dark side of the Moon and that dark side we know very well.

Unfortunately, the world used to see the videos translated and shared by Memri and Co to show the radical angry hateful side of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims for years but not those people.

Those people are fed with radical ultra-nationalist and religious rhetoric that not less dangerous, in fact, more dangerous than you think considering the fact that those ultra-nationalists/religious Israeli fanatics got true voting power and political representation, unlike the Arab world where we all know how things are.

Now I have not read a single apology or explanation to what happened from a couple of days ago from Israel in Arabic social media accounts that claim Israel be Arab Muslim friendly when Arabs and Muslims are insulted explicitly under the eyes of Israeli Authorities.

Maybe they did not get orders from the new government !? Maybe the new government do not care.

Already here is the old/new government spokesperson for the Arab Media  Ofir Gendelman in a very insensitive tweet about a Palestinian child.

I do not know what kind of person can write this in the first place regardless of what you think about Hamas.

Already according to the official numbers out of the 219 people killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza in May, at least 63 children were killed.

Some people think the new Israeli government will be different but it won’t

Here is the current Israeli Naftali Bennett bragging about the number of Arabs he killed over and over.

I do not know why many people believe that Bennett is better than Netanyahu in the first place.

In December 2003, Netanyahu said that the Israeli Palestinian population inside Israel was a growing threat as Israel should be a Jewish state. 

Israel got now an Ultra-right wing Prime Minister instead of a corrupted ring-wing Prime Minister simply.

It is like from bad to worse to worst.

The statements of Bennett and Bibi are no surprise to me or to the Palestinians or the Arabs because the Israeli Primers and ministers got a long record of such talk honestly.

Here is the tip of the iceberg from Visualizing Palestine and Human Rights Watch Organization when the later published its famous report on Israel as an apartheid state.

It is not only the Israeli politicians, Just after that hate flags rally spread its racism and hate, we found Israeli journalists do not condemn it but they continue ongoing such a
dangerous path.

Popular Israeli journalist Ben Caspit spoke on an Israeli radio “103FM” saying that he wishes he could push a button that would instantly eliminate all Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Those statements show Israeli politicians and media figures do not consider Palestinians as humans in the first place including their own fellow citizens living in the 1948 borders.

Those statements show part of how deep the apartheid state goes in Israeli culture.

Palestinians are a demographic danger to the Israeli Jewish population and its claim to this land thus they must be dehumanized and treated like shit “excuse my French” so they would live this land eventually.

Those statements deepen the hate in Israeli society.

Here is a video shot in Sheikh Jarrah in 2018 by Australian activist Robert Martin who met with some Israeli Jewish teenagers. During then streets were close to Palestinians due to the Jewish holiday.

This video report from Empire Files from 2017 show actually how the Israeli society has a racial problem towards its Arab citizens.

Comparing to its neighbours, Israel seems full democracy but it is not, it is an apartheid state.

Last month, the anti-Palestinian sentiments were running high due to the Israeli military attack on Gaza and the Palestinian factions firing back.

It was the hot season for all right-wing and national Israelis to spread all the hate and lies about Palestinians adding more fuel to the fire.

Here is Gilad Ariel Sharon “Yes, son of late Israeli PM and war criminal Ariel Sharon” calling the Israeli government to “Choke off” Gaza cutting off water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel from Gaza if Hamas fires rockets !!

Israel has been imposing on Gaza a blockade already for 14 years since 2007.

It is worth mentioning that this blockade did not stop the rockets and increased the misery of the Palestinians as well as the hate for Israel. 

Those few days witnessed awful right-wing nationalist Israeli attacks against Palestinians who officially citizens of Israel supposedly.

I have not read that those right-wing nationalist Israelis who attacked Israeli Palestinians inside the 1948 borders have been arrested.

Instead, Over 1,000 Israeli Palestinian were arrested, detained and interrogated but those right-wing nationalist Israelis organizing militias to target Arabs in Jaffa for example were not touched as far as I have read.

Here is a video on the same day from Jaffa showing a 12-years-old-boy who survived a fire caused by a mob of Israelis as they torched his house with Molotov cocktails. This is pure terrorism. 

Was there any serious investigation into this incident !? 

Here is another video from the same video and this time it was shot in Lod when ــJewish settlers came to “protect” the Israeli Jewish homes and see how that 21-years-old settler speaks about the Palestinians.

You noticed how those settlers chant against Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”.

I have not read that officers in uniform attacked those Israeli Palestinian citizens in their homes in Haifa were held accountable for their actions.

I bet those policemen are promoted actually like those officers in Naqeb prison.

Here is a video showing an infamous incident when Israeli forces stormed Naqeb prison in March 2019 because of smuggled mobile phones and they ended up assaulting tens of prisoners as you can see and piled up atop of each other for hours. According to Arab news reports on the incident from the archives, over 200 Palestinian prisoners were injured but 15 only were transferred to the hospital including four in critical condition.

That prison included then 1300 Palestinian prisoners including prisoners from Gaza and West Bank.

According to the news report, the warden on duty was later promoted and no Israeli guards faced any charge of any kind over their brutality.

In any other country, I believe there will be a serious investigation into those militias targeting a minority for religious and ethnic reasons because they are a threat eventually to the state and the law.

I wish to see the day that the US and European officials bring up the issue of the Ultra-nationalist Zionists as a threat to the Middle East stability in the same way they speak about radical nationalist and religious movements in our part of the world

I have no further comment but those videos above show another truth than those PR videos published by Israel in Arabic and its affiliated accounts.

If you do want to break the cycle of violence and hatred between the Israelis and the Palestinians or Arabs then you must break it from both sides.

Stop dehumanizing and ill-treating Palestinians, recognize them as humans. Respect their rights. Stop that Arabphobia and Islamophobia. Stop chanting death to Arabs and stop supporting those chants against Arabs and Muslims. 

That unconditional support to Israel must be stopped.

If you want peace then you must respect at least international laws and Security Council Resolutions that have been always ignored. If you want peace then you must stop saying death to Arabs and Mohamed is dead. Show some respect.

Before I find someone in the comment sections telling me about the human rights conditions in my country or the Arab world, I believe I know very well about the human rights conditions in our sad part of the world and you can check the blog’s archives too.

What I wish that Israel gets 1/4 the media coverage and verbal Western condemnation the Arab countries get when it comes to human rights especially the ethnic minorities files, maybe those fanatic's will stop chanting death to the Arabs.

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