Monday, June 21, 2021

The Kurds Vs. Jewish Settlers : We Won’t Leave Sheikh Jarrah

Probably they have become the most famous twins in the Arab world now, Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah are the stars of Arab Social media.

The young siblings have become a new face for a new era and a new generation in the long Palestinian resistance without big slogans.

Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd along with their father Nabil and the rest of the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah are fighting for the fundamental right to stay in their own houses and not to be forcibly displaced. 

Young Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd, citizen journalists and bloggers since childhood
Young Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd, citizen journalists and bloggers
since childhood

Before them, their grandmother Rifka Al-Kurd stood in her 80s stood from a decade ago against the Jewish settlers who invaded her family’s house and her neighbourhood.

Watch her in that short documentary produced in 2010 “We Won’t leave”.

It got English subtitles. Please watch it.

Um Nabil’s family originally was forcibly displaced from Haifa in 1948 and they lived in the outskirts of East Jerusalem as refugees and in 1956 She and her husband got the house from the UNRWA.

In the mid-1960s, Rifka’s husband passed away leaving her in charge of the family and the house and its land.

Then came 1967 followed by the 1970s with claims of Jewish Zionist claims of owning the land.

In 2010, she was 87 years old when she found Jewish Settlers storming their home occupying her son’s house throwing his furniture and appliances in their garden.

Interestingly we see that since 2009 in the documentary the Al-Kurds and other Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah residents that they got documents from the Ottoman archives that prove Sheikh Jarrah land had been always owned by Arabs and was not owned by some Jewish organization as it has been claimed till day.

Um Nabil passed away a year ago in her late 90s and despite she has not seen an end to this nightmare in Sheikh Jarrah but I bet she is proud of her grandchildren and how they made Sheikh Jarrah a world-known cause.

The house of Nabil Al-Kurd is occupied now by none other than Yaakov Fauci of Long Island who supports Trumps and hates Nabil’s daughter Muna despite she is the reason behind his world fame.

Speaking about documentaries about Sheikh Jarrah and the Al-Kurds, you can see Mohamed Al-Kurd speaking about his neighbourhood when he was a young boy.

All respect and support to the Al-Kurds. 

We won't leave, says our uncle Nabil Al-Kurd
We won't leave, says our uncle Nabil Al-Kurd

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