Friday, June 25, 2021

Kodak Agfa Presents : June’s Strawberry Full Moon

It is June’s last Full Moon

It is 2021’s last supermoon.

It is also a Strawberry moon

So how can Kodak Agfa miss it !?

Earth had a date Friday’s night with the year 2021’s last supermoon and it looked amazing. 

The 2021 June Strawberry Full Moon
June's Strawberry Moon 

It is the second and last supermoon Earth will see this year according to scientists.

The Moon becomes super when it is in its closest point to Earth in its orbit thus it appears bigger and shinier aka Supermoon.

The 2021 June Strawberry Full Moon
The Moon is too close to us now

This big supermoon in June is called in North America the Strawberry Full Moon and no, it is not because its colour turns to red as some photographers began to edit their moon’s photos with reddish and pinkish filters.

The 2021 June Strawberry Full Moon
It is strawberry moon but it is not red

It is simply because that full supermoon marks the picking of strawberry in North America in the last two weeks of June as I have read.

It will last for three nights so catch it now. You have still got two nights.

Anyhow till the next big event in the sky. Keep looking up.

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  1. Amazing! I didn't know such shots can be taken in Egypt not only in Scandinavia or Canada :)


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