Saturday, October 30, 2021

#SudanProtests : The 30th October rallies "Live updates"

On Monday, the world woke up on yet another coup in Sudan as Commander of Sudanese armed forces Abdel Fattah El-Burhan led a military takeover against the civilian transitional government.

Since Monday, the Sudanese people stood in defiance against this military coup admirably organizing rallies and maintaining civil disobedience across the country suffering economically while PM El-Burhan maintains his rejection to support that the military coup.

Sudanese women protesting last week in Khartoum
Sudanese women protesting last week in Khartoum "Twitter"

On the other hand, a strong message by the West led by the United States rejecting the military takeover with strong statements that unfortunately were not been issued by any Arab country so far.

The West created economic pressure on El-Burhan and his junta by freezing the economic aids at a very critical time leading to the release of PM Hamdok who was in Abdel Fattah El-Burhan’s alleged hospitality for 48 hours yet still under house arrest with no access to the public.

So far at least 8 people were killed and a dozen political activists and protesters have been arrested. The internet especially mobile internet is mostly down, which is a well-known tactic.

More political powers and parties are rejecting the coup as well revolution and youth powers are organizing mass rallies across the country on Saturday to stop this military over and to continue the transitional period as it should: Handing over the rule to civilians next month.

It is an important day

I will be posting live updates depending on posts coming from Sudanese people on social media to keep you updated on what is taking place in Sudan.

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