Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Alexandria was hit a by snowstorm this week

Filed under: What is happening in Alexandria? , Egypt’s once summer capital Alexandria saw an unprecedented snowstorm earlier this week.

It snowed earlier Monday Alexandria was hit by some sort of snowstorm left many of the streets covered in white !! 

St. Catherine Square in Alexandria
St. Catherine Square in Alexandria early Monday "Amira Tarek"

Already this week marks the time of another seasonal rainstorm,  “El-Fiada El-Soghra” or “The Minor flume”. Supposedly this snowstorm was at its peak.

Egypt is currently facing a wave of cold weather this week but Alex and its North coast sister cities have had their share from rainfall.

The snow on Monday did not stay too long, it melted and was water.

The photos of Alexnadira are viral now. 

Friends in New York say that it has not snowed yet there while Egypt’s Alexandria was covered in what seems white snow !!

I found out that in January 2012 it snowed in Alexandria but judging from the photos the snow this time is more than in 2012 and it is December, not January.

Alexandria on Monday and I think the beach should be on the right 

It comes right after the big tidal wave in early December and the heavy rain in November in Alexandria. 

Few weeks in between.

Aside from St.Catherine mount, it does not snow in Egypt !!

Snow in Alex
Alexandria's Corniche covered in white earlier Monday

Here is a couple of videos filmed earlier Monday. 


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Climate change is here and I believe more than ever we should have a serious open dialogue about it.

It is not about rain drainage and crumbling infrastructure, it is about the future of Egypt’s North Coast especially Alexandria.

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