Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2022: Tale of Al-Ashkeef “Polygamy politics” Ep.5

Ramadan Kareem

Here is our fifth night of Ramadan Arabian nights.

Before we go into our nightly routine, I would like to chat a bit.

I spoke before about the legendary Zozo Nabil who became Egypt’s First Scheherazade with her strong and soft voice for decades, but I did not speak about Shahryar or rather legendary Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany.

Born in 1913 in Upper Egypt’s Qena, Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany was a known Egyptian actor and theater director as well as radio actor/director. This actor presented over 2,000 radio work as a radio director and voice actor to the Egyptian State radio.

Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany as Shahryar
Egyptian actor and theater director Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany was the original 
voice of Shahryar 

His voice and voice acting abilities in those few minutes in the beginning of our tales speak a lot.

Nevertheless, aside from his great if you are an Egyptian, you will know him as one of the leading supporting actors in the Black and White films since 1940s. In 1960s, his name was among the leading theater directors.

Zozo Nabil and Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany
Our radio show was not the only one work that brough together 
Zozo Nabil and Abdel Rahim El-Zorqany , I do not know the name of the film

One of his most prominent performances ever was when he was appeared as the herbs shop owner and chemist in the famous “Land of Hypocrisy” Film based on the famous novel.

El-Zorqany was married to late famous supporting actress Aziza Helmi FYI. He passed away in 1985

Now back to our story.

First, you can refresh your memory and listen to last night’s episode.

Now, here is the fifth episode of our tale tonight. It was episode no.587 of our favorite show.

The Vizier is sent to the Kings of the four islands with King Luqman’s proposal to marry their daughters and they all agree. They are going to be Luqman’s in-laws; how can they refuse!?

Thus, Luqman and his crown prince Rihan prepare five ships to visit the islands and get the princesses but for their surprise, the four kings come to their kingdom with their daughters themselves.

The Kings also drew lots to see which princess Rihan should marry first at the Grand Temple and amazingly she turns to be his beloved Hanom.

In the end, the prince marries his four princesses and the Kingdom strengthen its unity with the four islands.

Here is the fifth episode of the tale televised.

Till next night inshallah.

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