Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2022: Tale of Al-Ashkeef “The return of the ebony horse” Ep.27

Ramadan Kareem

Here is our 27th night of Ramadan Arabian nights.

Now, you can refresh your memory and listen to last night’s episode.

Here is the 27th episode of our tale tonight. It was episode no.609 of our favorite show.

It starts with the first old man sneezing and then turns into a young then the second old man then the third old man. The three old men are now young men.

The ebony horse by Olga Dugina
The ebony horse by Olga Dugina 

King Rihan and his Vizier are in shock and now they believe what the three young men have been telling the truth all along.

One of them begins to connect the dots and says he thinks what happened to them means Al-Ashkeef is killed.

Meanwhile Rihan’s guards come and tell him, the ebony horse and Prince Zaafran are back. Zaafran returns with Sabah, who is happy to see her brothers.

Zaafran will tell them what happened to them.

And in the Underwater Djinn realm, Prince Denis has news to share.

Here is the 27th episode of the tale televised.

Tomorrow night inshallah we know what Zaafran and Sabah did with Al-Ashkeef.

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