Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The return of Gamal Mubarak : More than clearing a name !?

 For the past 48 hours Egypt has not nothing to speak about except that sudden return of Gamal Mubarak on Tuesday. 

Egyptians have forgotten that on Thursday the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) Monetary Policies Committee (MPC) is going to convene mostly to raise once again the key interest rates and thus to devalue the Egyptian pound against the US dollar for the second time in less than 6 months. 

You can not blame then because Gamal Mubarak made a sudden reappearance in the most provoking way especially that we saw in Philippines how Bongbong Marcos , the son of the infamous dictator Ferdinand Marcos won the presidential elections in an ugly warning tale.

 In case you do not know Gamal Mubarak , the youngest son of late ousted Hosni Mubarak released a video statement allegedly to clear the name of his family following the decision of the General Court of the European Union to uphold its previous decision to unfreeze the Mubaraks' assets in Europe. 

You can watch here without translation because for some unknown reason to us , Gamal Mubarak decided to speak English in most of the video. He speaks nearly 17 minutes in English. 

In case you do not know Gamal Mubarak was among the main reasons why Egyptians revolted on 25 and 28 January 2011 leading to the ouster of his father and the fall of his regime. 

Gamal Mubarak was groomed to become the next president of Egypt after Hosni Mubarak. 

 I do not understand if this video is a message to the Egyptians or the World or the West or what. Does he try to impress that class of Egyptians who are always impressed by anyone who speaks English or French fluently !? 

Some say that he is just trying to find his way back to business and I do not know what kind of business or what businesses we are speaking about.

I believe that this is not a video to defend his family's name nor to "Rest in peace father we cleared your name". This is a political statement video by all measures. This is a well-executed video shot professionally. Carter Ruck solicitors are not fooling around. Already I remember also that he hired a British PR company too. 

Many Egyptians  do not understand what is happening and whether Gamal Mubarak is having a comeback to politics especially on Monday , he and his eldest brother Alaa Mubarak appeared in Abu Dhabi to congratulate as well as to present their condolences to the Mideast strongman Mohamed bin Zayed "MBZ"

Gamal Mubarak
Gamal Mubarak with MBZ

It was interesting to see that the photos of the Mubaraks brothers featured in the Emirati media in an interesting way. Already the Emirati and Saudi media covered the Mubarak's video statement more than its Egyptian counterpart. 

Alaa Mubarak with MBZ
Alaa Mubarak with MBZ

Yes , the Egyptian mainstream media did not cover that much the video while it is the talk of town on the social media. It has been an age since Gamal Mubarak was top trending in Egypt. 

Some are attacking him while other praising him and even saw him as a potential candidate for presidency blaming 25 January revolution for ousting Hosni Mubarak and him. Not so surprisingly , the supporters President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi are not amused with the return of Gamal Mubarak and attacking him. 

El-Sisi with Alaa and Gamal Mubarak 

This is the first true public statement issued by Gamal Mubarak since 25 January 2011 for real. Most of his appearances since then after leaving the prison were photos with fans in upscale areas in Sheikh Zayed. 

Alaa Mubarak who has been sociable and more humble was popular especially that he became a Twitter superstar who defends Islam against the attacks of radical secular like Ibrahim Eissa winning the hearts of many Egyptians especially from younger generations who did not know the history of Mubaraks with corruption.

Already it has not become constant to find the names of the two brothers in any off-shore accounts or secret bank accounts in the past few years. 

I do not need to say that I can not forget for one second that we are paying the price of 30-years-rule of Mubarak in Egypt on every level. Mubarak's greatest sin was not the decay and corruption on all level but most importantly killing all potentials for real political pluralism in 30 years. We are harvesting for real the results of 30 years of wrong policies.

I want to speak about what Gamal Mubarak said in the video itself because they were not really acquitted. I feel a bit sad that I was working on a post about the Mubaraks' latest mention in the latest Credit Suisse leaks but unfortunately the post has gone during a Windows reset operation. 

Nevertheless it seems I am going to do a new post especially with the return of Mubarak Jr. 

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