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Shaimaa Gamal: Egypt’s Femicide rush is still on “Warning: Violent details”

Nearly one week ago, a young university student was stabbed to death in daylight right outside her university’s gates by her colleague whom she rejected his marriage proposal and this Monday we found a TV host who was reported missing 20 days ago was actually killed and buried by her own husband in his Giza villa.

Shorouk Newspaper published an exclusive report about the horrifying murder of TV host Shaimaa Gamal.

Shaimaa Gamal
Late Shaimaa Gamal

It turned out that the dead body of TV host Shaimaa Gamal was found buried on a farm in Giza. She was shot and her body was awful mutilated by nitric acid.

The not-so-famous yet controversial TV host was missing 20 days ago by her husband, esteemed judge Ayman Haggag in Egypt’s State Council. She was seen in an October city mall then vanished.

The discovery of her body came after a tip the Prosecution received on 26 June.

The man turned out to be Haggag’s driver who told the prosecution that the judge killed his wife following over differences between them in his villa in an-6-October-city compound “I wonder if the neighbours heard gunshots.”

The driver added that his boss mutilated the body using nitric acid. He stated that he helped Haggag in burying the mutilated body of Shaimaa Gamal in the villa’s garden before transferring her to the judge’s farm in Badrshein.

The prosecution waited till the State Council revoked his immunity status on Monday to issue an arrest warrant and declare the crime that became the talk of the town.

The prosecution issued an official summarized statement that did not include the details Shorouk newspaper published but it stated that the witness or rather his driver who came forward and reported the crime has been detained for four days pending investigations.

The driver participated in her burial which makes him an accomplice. He told the prosecution that he could not come forward in the past three weeks because he was afraid of the judge.

According to Al-Shorouk’s latest report, the dead body of the late TV host is extremely mutilated and in an unbelievably bad state as it was buried deeply. The official final autopsy report has not been issued yet.

It turned out Shaimaa Gamal was the second wife of Judge Ayman Haggag. They married secretly 8 years ago and made it official from 5 years ago. It is unclear why he killed her but from what I see he planned the murder and escape well.

A judge on the run

Judge Ayman Haggag has been an esteemed judge for real with a highly accomplished resume. He was elected as the vice-president of the State Council Judges Club “which is a State Council judge’s syndicate” in 2015.

He was a member of the High Elections Committee in 2015.

Now there are rumours that Shaimaa Gamal’s husband or the main suspect in her murder has fled to a foreign country.

Some say UAE or rather Dubai “I highly doubt it” while others say Canada or Poland.

Updated (30/6/2022) : The husband was arrested in Suez city. 

According to sources that spoke with Al-Shorouk, Haggag made power of attorney for his daughters from his first marriage to manage his properties before vanishing into the air. I wonder if his daughters knew about the murder or whereabouts now.

Anyhow here is the photo of the suspect that is blurred on most websites for a reason beyond my comprehension because that is a horrible murder suspect who is dangerous and has not been arrested yet.

Ayman Haggag
Ayman Haggag

To be honest we may not know the name of the judge easily or his positions if it were not for that blog dedicated to his clan in Upper Egypt.

Big Upper Egyptian clan love to brag about its highly accomplished members in the society because that is what makes an influential clan. Thanks to the Upper Egyptian’s brag habit we knew about the important positions he held.

Now aside from the important positions he held and his criminal mastermind, it turned out that he got remarkably interesting business activities. It turned out that he owns a total of 16 apartments in Madinaty and El-Rehab compounds in New Cairo “Ironically those compounds are owned and managed by Talaat Mostafa Group whose CEO is Hisham Talaat Mostafa; the infamous businessman who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing his ex-wife famous Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in 2009 and got a presidential pardon in 2017”

Those sixteen apartments are actually allocated to judges but do not know how they ended up in his possession. He also got several residential units in North Coast's resorts and is a partner in some Mohendessin Café. That Café is reportedly where he met the late Shaimaa Gamal.

I am quite puzzled about the fact Haggag has a business aside from his work as a judge and was a partner in some café in Mohendessin because judges are not allowed to participate in business nor operate a business or have a share in a business.

Sources in the State council told Al-Shorouk that there was no knowledge about his activity and that it was unearthed by the Prosecution’s investigation.

Earlier this month we found out that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi issued an official presidential decree to dismiss Mohamed Ali Hashem, a State council judge from his position in the official gazette and many wondered what Hashem did.

The answer came that the judge broke the law and had an ongoing business in Uganda with his partner who lives in Dubai and that due to some business feud, that partner reported him to the authorities back in Cairo for breaking the law.

Back to the crime, I really do not know when this horrible violence against women will stop in this country. I do not understand why that so-called esteemed judge who owns millions kill his wife when he can divorce her and give her a couple of millions to leave him.

This is a judge working in the State Council in an esteemed position but instead, we got a criminal in disguise. I mean if I were the head of the State Council, I would demand an immediate revision for all the cases he oversaw.

Shaimaa Gamal: A short-lived troublemaker

Late Shaimaa Gamal was not that famous, but she managed to create headlines in the media thanks to endless controversies on air.

She was suspended by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) while working on the infamous LTC channel on her programme “El-Moshagheba” (The Troublemaker) in 2017 for three months after appearing on-air sniffing a white substance that she claimed to be heroin (It turned to sugar powder) in an episode about drug trafficking!!

It was a terrible media stunt to create buzz for her show which was more of a tabloid investigative show.

In her 40s, she did not have children. It is just sad by all measures.

I checked her YouTube channel which was active till 4 months ago and I found that she spoke a lot about marital life and differences between couples..etc. Do not know if that reflects anything.

FYI Naira Ashraf’s murderer received a preliminary death sentence in Mansoura on Tuesday in one of the fastest murder and criminal trials considering the fact that the trial started on Sunday.

I just realized that the latest couple of posts in this blog are all about murder to the level that makes me wonder if it is turning into a true-crime blog!! I want to write about Cairo’s Houseboats that are in a need of a rescue operation and yet I am afraid that the next post will be about another woman victim.

  “Actually, there is some popular figure who has disappeared, and many people are concerned about her disappearance, and I hope Gamal’s murder will lead her to resurface and calm down the audience”

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  1. Thank you for a comprehensive information you provided that none of the Egyptian papers dared to publish, it's a shame that "El-Sherouk" published the alleged criminal picture while covering his eyes, meanwhile the picture of the victim were for all to see.......shame on them.


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