Sunday, July 10, 2022

Egypt celebrates Eid Adha 2022 in photos

Again Happy Eid Adha 2022 

Egypt is celebrating the Eid like the rest of the world and on this occasion I would like to share with some of Egypt’s best photos representing Eid Adha or the Great Eid’s prayers.

Here is the Eid prayer earlier Saturday from Giza’s Abusir and in the backdrop its famous Pyramids by photographer Samer Abdallah. Yes, Abusir got its own interesting and beautiful pyramids that must be visited if one has the opportunity.

Eid Al-Adha in Abusir
Samer Abdallah in Abusir 

You must see the rest of Abdallah’s album showing how the people are praying literality in a hill beautifully.

From Heliopolis by photographer Mohamed El-Raai at Al-Siddiq Mosque.

Eid Al-Adha at Helipolis
Mohamed El-Raai at Heliopolis 

Here is an Egyptian kid leaving the adults praying at a Cairo Mosque while celebrating his Eidi or Eidiyah by photographer Wafaa Hassan for Veto.

The boy and his Eidiyah
The boy and the Eidiyah by Wafaa Hassna 

Celebrating the Eid after the prayer from Helwan’s Ezba Al-Qeblia by photographer Mohamed El-Wardany.

Celebrating the Eid in Helwan
Celebrating the Eid after the prayers in Helwan by 
Mohamed El-Wardany 

Also , celebrating the Eid at Sheikh Zayed’s main mosque with that balloons tradition by photographer Ahmed Abdelfattah.

Celebrating Eid in Sheikh Zayed
Celebrating the Eid at Sheikh Zayed by Ahmed Abdel Fattah 

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