Thursday, September 29, 2022

Seen from our balcony: Supposedly Jupiter

Monday evening till early Tuesday morning, Planet Jupiter was at its closest point to Earth in so many years.

Some websites say in some 100 years, others say in some 59 years either way the solar system’s biggest planet was in its closest position to us.

Some websites said that you could see by the naked eye as a point in our night sky and if you were so lucky then you could see three of its moons besides.

I tried my luck last Monday to capture it because what are the odds to see again up close and personal like that.

I do not have a telescope or magnification binoculars plus I live in a busy city that does not sleep actually so technically I was not expecting to see Jupiter or take good photos of it.

Here is the best I got or rather the best photo of the allegedly planet that was once idolized in our world.

Supposedly Jupiter from Egypt

To be honest I do not know if it is Jupiter or not but that was the brightest body in Cairo and Giza’s sky then.

According to that Skyview app, it was Jupiter.

Supposedly Jupiter from Egypt

I do not even know how I took this shot, but I took it anyway and God knows what it was really. It is a faraway body. 🪐🪐🪐🪐

I thought I could take good photos of that huge planet and could contemplate a couple of ideas like imagining how the world will be the next time Jupiter is close to Earth and to the rest of that talk, but the photos are so bad that I feel that I wasted the opportunity of something great.

A trivia: In the time of the Romans in Egypt, they made that version of Jupiter-Amun instead of Jupiter-Zeus to be worshipped and idolized in Egypt. Needless to say, it is a combination of Amun-Ra and Jupiter aka Zeus.

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