Saturday, October 15, 2022

Ramy Fahim’s case: Irving Man pleads not guilty, new pretrial hearing set for early December

For those who are interested or following the updates of the Ramy Fahim case or rather trial, here are the latest things that are known.

A new pretrial hearing is set on 2 December at the court’s North Justice Center in Fullerton, in room N3 at 8.30 AM.

The new pretrial hearing was set by the court in its pretrial hearing on 13 September.

Ramy Fahim pleaded not guilty in the pretrial hearing that did not last more than five minutes. Fahim appeared in Court and spoke with his defence attorney Marlin Stapleton. Fahim must appear in person for the hearing.

Ramy Fahim 

To refresh your mind, Fahim was charged with two counts of murder after being arrested on 19 April for allegedly stabbing his co-worker 23-years-old Griffin Cuomo and his roommate 23-years-old Jonathan Bahm in their apartment.

According to the statement of Orange County’s District Attorney, the 26-years-old Wealth Management research associate was charged with eight felony counts, including two counts of murder and two enhancements each of lying-in-wait, multiple murders and the personal use of a deadly weapon.

Fahim is facing a death sentence.

Marlin Stapleton is the third defence lawyer I read about in his affair. Stapleton is a criminal defence lawyer based in Irvine. He is specialized in homicide and violent crimes.

News reports on Arab websites claimed that Fahim’s defence team was going to raise the issue of his mental status and that he was suffering from mental illness to avoid the possible death sentence.

Now about Ramy Fahim’s mother Nabila Makram, she left the Ministry of Emigration and Expatriates in the latest cabinet reshuffle in mid-August in Cairo. She was replaced by veteran diplomat Soha Samir.

Since leaving the cabinet, Makram has asked friends and followers to pray for her and her son on Facebook. On 10 October, She published posts about World Mental Health including a message to the patients and their mothers.

On the other hand, it has not been easy at all for the families of Cuomo and Bahm. I am sorry to be nosey, but I checked the social media accounts of their close relatives, and it is heartbreaking to lose a son and a cousin, not to mention in this brutal way.

Now for Egyptian readers, what is a pretrial hearing in the State of California!? It is a procedural hearing in a court where the judge decides whether there is enough evidence or not to move forward with the criminal case to become a trial.

It is procedural and that is why the media has not started covering it or turning it into a media circus.


  1. To let u all his mom is criminal also all of them are criminals aginst the Egyptian. They are trying to fake statements to release him. He has no any kind of mental issue. About the video she posted on face book it was just an act to just mention that her son has mental issues. But it's not.

    1. I'm not in the mental health field & I assume you aren't, so let the expert medical professional enter their verdict.
      From what I read on this crime, the murder was planned & carried out accordingly...........if I was a juror, I would impose death sentence due to mitigating circumestances.

  2. Nothing reporting any kind of mental illness, not on LinkedIn account, Facebook account, his mom’s comments on that regard ever mentioned he suffered of such an illness. The crime was planned for very well and nobody thinks a person with mental illness would have worked at such a big investment inc. Nice try and hopefully he will be executed


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