Monday, October 3, 2022

Rayan Suleiman: Say his name, Remember his face

His name was Rayan Suleiman and he was seven years old only.

Rayan Suleiman
Rayan Suleiman

On Thursday, Rayan was on his way from home in an occupied West Bank village from school with other pupils when Israeli occupation soldiers began to chase them. 

Rayan Suleiman ran as much as he could but his heart could not take it anymore.

Rayan Suleiman suffered heart failure that led to his death at the age of seven according to official Palestinian authorities.

Israel denies any involvement or wrongdoing but witnesses from locals have another version than the current Israeli version.

The 7-years-old boy died because of running out of fear. Let this sink as usual !!

Why would a 7-years-old boy be chased and be scared like that !?

As Arabs, we know from poetry that Palestinian babies are born with grey hair because they have prior knowledge of what they will face.

The picture of Rayan Suleiman lying dead among his friends who are kids before the public funeral does not need any further comment.

Rayan Suleiman and his friends
Rayan and his friends on Friday

As an Arab I know that unfortunately that there is a high chance that one of their kids or relatives to join Suleiman in the

The Biden administration in the United States demanded a thorough investigation because the last Israeli investigation into the cold blood murder of Shireen Abu Akleh was a success as it seems!!

Anyhow, we got some facts here.

A fact is Rayan Suleiman is the youngest Palestinian to die because of the Israeli occupation forces. Another important fact is that 2022 is considered the deadliest year in the West Bank since 2015 according to a BBC-investigate report published on Sunday.

At least 100 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2022 by Israeli forces according to the figures compiled by the BBC.

BBC tried to make it light in its lede saying the following “At least 100 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem this year amid a massive increase in Israeli military raids, according to figures compiled by the BBC.”

The BBC did not mention directly who killed those Palestinians but at least it did the math.

There is another fact, the Israeli army always lies when it comes to Palestinian civilians.

I just wish that Western mainstream media treats the Israeli occupation of the 1967 Arab territories in the same way it treats the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian territories.

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  1. There are no Arab territories in former Ottoman Palestine. There are disputed territories in Judea and Sumeria that your Arab brethren refuse to negotiate for. It is true that they are occupying the disputed land. It is also true that no Jews are allowed to live there. Neither Arabs, nor Jews are a race. It is racist to say so.


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