Saturday, December 10, 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022 : Morocco goes to the World Cup Semi-Final ( And we are happy)

And after a game that wrecked the nerves of millions of Arabs and Africans around the globe, Morocco made history in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and I can’t ignore it.

Morocco won the match between it and Portugal on Saturday in Doha’s Al-Thumama stadium making history as the first African and Arab country ever to reach the world cup semi-finals.

We never ever imagined in our lives as Arabs and Africans thought that would see this see but it happened. World Cup’s semi-finals were more of the European/South American zone but the Moroccan national team in this world cup changed this rule as it seems.

This is a World Cup to remember without a doubt.

Needless to say, there is true joy and happiness in the Arab world I can speak about whether in Egypt, my country or other countries.

It is an honest joy that we need for real in those hard times.

This joy shows you that between the Arab people there is no real boundary or tension created by political regimes.

Anyhow this post is an excuse to share those beautiful moments from the after-the-game.

Boufal and his mom by Mahmoud Khaled
Boufal and his mom by Mahmoud Khaled 
The most epic moment is when Sofiane Boufal brought his mom to join him dancing in the field and it was like the best moment ever.

That mom with her messy veil, her mobile phone and her bag is like millions of moms in the Arab world.

Boufal and his mom by Mahmoud Khaled
Boufal and his mom by Mahmoud Khaled 

She became the true star of the game. Boufal's mom became the third star of the team after Hakimi's mom and the team coach Walid Regragui's mom. 

Regragui kisses the head of his mom
Regragui kisses the head of his mom
Regragui's mom was actually praying during the game. 

It is worth mentioning that it was Regragui's idea to bring not only the footballers' families but their moms too for emotional support and it worked great.

That moment of footballer Nordin Amarbat celebrating his younger brother Soufian Amarbat’s historical victory while crying

Nordin Amarbat is a world cup alumna already. I mean the Amarbats made another Arab African history of being the only two brothers to play in the World Cup in different editions.

Or handsome Yassin Bono and his cute son

When Algerians and Moroccans went to celebrate on their joint borders despite the silly disputes between their regimes.

Now I can’t ignore how Palestine and the Palestinian flag were in every game of the Moroccan National Team.

Yes, it was Palestine’s World Cup and I am proud of that.

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