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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The pearl vine” #EP19

Ramadan Karim😀

In tonight’s episode, there is what the foreign reader may think of as a magic spell whereas it is a prayer to Allah, the revealer of all secrets.

here is the 19th night of our nights this year which is the 481st episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.

But first, let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Here is tonight’s episode.


Mando drew nigh unto the ancient well of waters and there, he espied the kindly dame with whom he had crossed paths aforetime. She asked him whether he had obtained the hand of the King's daughter in marriage or not.

The youth replied, "Not yet, for Kahlan, the monarch, bids me seek the second moiety of the dowry, a pearl vine."

"Is there such a thing as a pearl vine?" inquired Mando, and the aged dame made answer, "Verily, the pearl vine existeth not in the world, save in the garden of King Sungjuri."

"Where is that garden?" pondered Mando, and the dame instructed him to repeat after her: "O revealer of secrets." When he had done so, a sumptuous garden manifested itself before him.

Mando marvelled, "Wherefore was this garden hidden?" And the old woman retorted, "It were better thou didst not know, for thou mayest become afraid."

"Pray, tell me, lest I be scared," begged Mando, who was himself frightened. The dame chuckled and related, "It is an enchanted garden; thou mayest not return from it."

Pearl vine as imagined by Adobe firefly
Pearl vine as imagined by Adobe firefly 

"Then teach me how I may return safely," implored Mando. The dame counselled him diligently, saying, "Go and take only one pearl vine, for if thou dost take more, thou mayest not come back."

Meanwhile, within the palace, King Kahlan and Vizier Shahlan were striving to persuade Princess Wardshan to wed a nobleman rather than the son of the refuse collector.

The princess knew that the vizier wished her to marry his own son, and insisted that she desired Mando for her spouse. She reminded her father and his vizier that all men are equal, and that Mando's family ought not to be scorned.

Wardshan also reminded her father that he had given his word to Mando, promising him marriage if he returned with the pearl vine. Kahlan confessed to his daughter that he had sent the young man on a fool's errand, for there was no such thing and Mando would not return.

As he finished speaking, the guards announced that Prince Mando had arrived. He returned, bearing with him a pearl vine. The King and Vizier were stupefied, while the Princess was joyous.

Mando presented the pearl vine to the monarch, who was amazed by the young man's wondrous deed. The King declared that the engagement of Mando and Wardshan ought to be proclaimed.

But Vizier Shahlan had darker designs in mind. With the aid of Hubhan, he hatched an evil plot. Hubhan presented the vizier with the crown jewel, a gift given to the princess by the King himself some years before. Hubhan concealed it in Mando's attire.

Shahlan's nefarious scheme did not end there. He desired the King to go mad, and Hubhan, having observed the princess's body closely in her duties as a dresser, informed the vizier that she bore a birthmark on her left shoulder.

The vizier, well aware of how such information could be exploited, promised Hubhan a grand reward when his own son should become king.

Shahlan went to Kahlan with the terrible news that the crown jewel had vanished, and even worse, Mando was speaking ill of the princess. The vizier claimed that the son of the refuse collector had asserted that the princess bore a birthmark on her left shoulder.

Kahlan was enraged. The following night would determine whether Mando would survive Shahlan's vile.

Here is the episode televised

Till tomorrow night inshallah.


  1. The episode is truncated at 12:02 but that's not critical. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the quality presentation of such a classic novel.

    1. Thanks for your kind words :) I checked it on a desktop browser from Egypt and it was fine. 🤔


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