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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “A Mando’s guide to the galaxy” #EP25

Ramadan Karim😀

If you thought that Taher Abu Fasha's sci-fi creations were limited to his version of "The Day the World Stood Still," think again.

In fact, he was just getting started with the genre. In a true testament to his innovative spirit, Abu Fasha experimented with sci-fi themes in the tale of Mando in a way that I did not expect.

Prepare to be blown away by tonight's episode, as we explore the concept of parallel planets, also known as parallel universes or the multiverse.

Abu Fasha cleverly incorporates the famous Egyptian proverb "God creates forty people who look the same" as evidence to support the multiverse theory.

Before we delve into tonight's episode, let's quickly recap how Mando found himself in the court of an alien king on an alien planet.

Now, let's jump right into episode 25 of our tale, which happens to be the 487th installment in the long history of the Egyptian radio show "One Thousand and One Night."


Mando, in the presence of King El-Dobb El-Akbar and his court, recounts the events that have befallen him since he first met Wardshan in his youth to his daring escape and her imprisonment in the sorrowful palace.

With wisdom rather than lamentation, he spoke of his ill fate and woe.

The wise King El-Dobb El-Akbar inquires of his venerable court when they pondered this matter.

The earth is spared from destruction, for the court finds Mando innocent of any wrongdoing, despite the King's belief that Mando should have revealed his background to King Kalhan when he asked for the princess's hand. Yet, alas, humankind remains trapped in their classist ways.

King Kalhan erred grievously in offering his daughter's hand to any suitor, despite the impossible demands he made. The vizier Shalhan is a villainous criminal. Princess Wardshan must be released immediately from the sorrowful palace.

The court mistakenly believed that Mando had discovered the secrets of life, yet he is but a hapless youth with no knowledge of such mysteries. Q and A must make amends to Mando for their erroneous assumptions.

Mando seeks a solution to his woes and wishes to return to his own world. Some elders suggest that their rays could eliminate the vizier, but Mando rejects this as a true remedy. He yearns to prove his innocence, and the court agrees that the truth must be revealed to the earthling King.

The multiverse as imagined by Adobe Firefly
The multiverse as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

King El-Dobb El-Akbar proposes a daring plan - why not ask Mando how he solved the matter? Mando confesses that he has not solved anything, but an alien being interjects, saying that he is not referring to -him-Mando.

The King explains the matter, simple yet profound - there exist parallel planets to Earth with similar circumstances and people living there. For the same inputs, the same results are produced. His civilization has discovered about 40 such parallel Earths.

Mando remains perplexed by this revelation. Is it not written in the proverb that "God creates 40 people look alike"?

The King commands Q and A to take Mando to a parallel Earth to learn of the solution from his parallel version, and then return him to the court before sending him back to Earth.

Q and A transport Mando to a parallel Earth, to a kingdom and town akin to his own. Mando believes it to be his home, but the alien beings inform him that he is far away. They transform him back into his human form and leave him for a week.

Tomorrow, inshallah, we shall know how Mando discovers the truth of the parallel Earths and how it shall aid him in his quest for vindication.

Here is the episode televised.

Till tomorrow night inshallah

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