Tuesday, May 16, 2023

What is the Nakba? Learn about the Palestinian catastrophe in 17 minutes or less

I never thought I would see an American news website publish such an informative video about the Palestinian Nakba.

I recommend that you watch and share this informative short documentary about the Palestinian Nakba from Vox Media.

Hear the other side.

Listen to Mr Dawoud Assad, one of the saviours of the awful and horrific Deir Yassin massacre.

In a related manner, I never imagined in my life that I would see a member of the United States Congress speak about and commemorate the Nakba in the heart of the United States Capitol, bringing it to light after 75 years.

Yes, it was treated as if it were the N-word, but at least it made its way into the mainstream media.

Palestinians families escaping death in 1948, Corbis
The forgotten greatest displacement in the 20th century which continues 
to this day "Palestinians families escaping death in 1948, Corbis" 

Rashida Tlaib has done the unthinkable, and I respect her for it.

Big changes start with small steps.

You must know that the Nakba continues to this day.

Palestinians are still displaced and terrorized in their own territories, and the world is still watching.


  1. This is the only side anyone hears in the main stream media. The only people that are allowed to be criticized are the Jews. Palestinians are Arabs who started 3 wars and lost. They should go back to Arabia. Since they look and sound like Egyptians they should all be welcome there but Egypt put up a wall. Apartheid wall? Egypt prefers Arabs who are genocidal to stay on the Jewish side.Rockets from Gaza killed an Arab from Gaza who was working in Israel. Say his name..You won't! You could care less.

  2. Lets swap. you expelled all your Jews. So you can have your Arabs back. Fair. Tear down the wall between Gaza and Egypt. Apartheid wall.


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