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Gaza War 2023: After 40 days and nights "Graphic"

After 40 days and nights since the commencement of the Israeli war supported by the West in Gaza, it becomes apparent that the objectives were not solely focused on freeing Israeli captives or eliminating Hamas.

After 40 days and nights, the toll stands at 11,320 Palestinians killed, predominantly civilians, with 4,650 children, 3,145 women, and 685 elderly among the victims due to the Israeli airstrikes, shelling and besiege. " Israeli airstrike killed at least 13 Israeli captives but their safety is not a priority for the Israeli Military as what it is important to them is to keep that fake military superiority alive"

father mourns his son after he was killed due to an Israeli airstrike  in Gaza last "AFP
A father mourns his son after he was killed due to an Israeli airstrike 
in Gaza last "AFP

These documented deaths represent only a part of the tragic toll. Currently, there are still 3,600 Palestinians, including 1,750 children, officially listed as missing, presumed to be under the rubble.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), during this period, a Palestinian child was tragically lost every 10 minutes on average.

A baby killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza
A baby killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza was brought to the hospital before burial

According to Palestinian estimates, in October alone, around 17,000 children in Gaza have lost either one or both parents.

According to Palestinian estimates, at least 70 families were killed and their bloodline ended in those 40 days and nights.

Gaza victims
From "Shahd FB page" Whole bloodlines finished from Gaza's registry 
or rather Israel's Gaza registry because it turned out the Israeli government
got a registry with every person in Gaza like any fascist regime 

Visualizing Palestine has documented the names of 6,747 Palestinians who lost their lives in Gaza from October 7 to October 26, 2023. An interactive infographic, available in Arabic, serves as a poignant record of this sombre reality.

Regrettably, the conflict also claimed the lives of 49 Palestinian journalists after 40 days and nights of Israeli attack.

After 40 days and nights, 202 health workers have lost their lives, and over 210 others have been injured.

It's crucial to recognize that these are not just numbers or collateral damage, as some Western leaders may try to convince themselves and their people.

Each of these individuals was a human being, not a statistic.

In 40 days and nights, Gaza once again witnesses the largest mass forced displacement orchestrated by the Israeli government, extending from its North to its South.

Forced displacement in Gaza
This elderly man is forced to be displaced again in his lifetime 

Israeli officials have not concealed their intentions during this period, openly expressing their desire for the Palestinians of Gaza to relocate either to Egypt or other countries worldwide.

Estimates suggest that approximately 1.65 million Palestinians have been internally displaced within the strip.

After 40 days and nights, 552,000 residential units have been completely destroyed, and 160,700 residential units have been damaged in Gaza due to the constant Israeli shelling and airstrikes.

Destroyed residential building in Gaza by Anas Al-Sharif

Additionally, 117 media offices, including the AFP headquarters in Gaza, were damaged.

The toll extends to 221 schools, 136 mosques, and 3 churches that have also suffered damage.

There are also 58 mosques and 88 governmental buildings that are completely destroyed. 

After 40 days and nights, 22 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza are nonfunctional due to a combination of fuel shortages, structural damage, attacks, and overall insecurity, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Attempting to save the children including babies in a Gaza hospital
Attempting to save the children including babies in a Gaza hospital 

The WHO notes that the 14 remaining operational hospitals are struggling with insufficient supplies, making it challenging to sustain critical and lifesaving surgeries, as well as provide adequate inpatient care, including intensive care.

It is worth noting that in the past 24 hours, the Israeli army has been storming Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza to search for non-existing Hamas or Khamas commandership headquarters in yet another political/intelligence/military fiasco.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the occupied Palestinian territories, the hospital currently houses 600-650 inpatients and employs 200-250 health workers.

Al-Shifa Hospital
Al-Shifa Hospital, the only enlightened place in Gaza now amidst the darkness

Additionally, there are over 1,500-2,000 internally displaced individuals seeking refuge in the hospital. Established in 1946, the hospital complex, spanning 45,000 square meters, comprises three hospitals.

In 40 days and nights, Israel has damaged 51 clinics and 42 ambulances, impacting essential healthcare infrastructure.

After 40 days and nights, Gaza has seen no fuel entering, as reported by UNRWA, following orders from Israel.

Only a minimal amount of fuel was permitted on Wednesday, after 40 days and nights, to operate vehicles belonging to UN organizations.

After 40 days and nights, only three bakeries remain operational, providing bread for over 2 million people in Gaza.

Other bakeries either ran out of fuel or were targeted by Israeli forces.

On Wednesday, the 40th day, the Israeli army shelled the sole functioning mill in Gaza, rendering it inoperable.

In 40 days and nights, the Israeli army shelled and caused damage to 221 educational institutions above them schools including the UNWRA schools which are entered into shelters supposedly protected by International laws and the Geneva Conventions

Inside an UNRWA School/Shelter that was shelled by Israel 
"Anas Al-Sharif"

In 40 days and nights, the Israeli army destroyed 821 industrial institutions. 

In 40 days and nights, the Israeli army has received over 7,000 tons of weapons and ammunition delivered by 123 cargo planes and 7 ships from around the globe.

In 40 days and nights, for millions of Arabs and Muslims, there is a prevailing sense of hopelessness and anger as they witness Western powers, largely supportive of Israel in its ethnic cleansing war.

In 40 days and nights, we are reminded that the Geneva Conventions and international law are useless.

The same sentiment applies to Arab leaders and governments, encompassing some of the wealthiest oil and gas powers globally.

In 40 days and nights, there have been several opportunities to enforce reason and to free tens of Israeli captives and Palestinian detainees.

As an Egyptian journalist, I remember in those 40 days and nights, the Egyptian media was getting ready for that deal or this deal thanks to the Egyptian-Qatari meditation but then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the deal, and we are back to square one.

In 40 days and nights, Netanyahu and the Israeli military sold the illusion that they could destroy Hamas to the Israeli public using mass hysteria not only to fail but also put the seeds of tens of Hamas in the same way Hamas came to be, in the same way, the Palestinian Liberation organization came to be.

A displaced Palestinian family from North to South Gaza carrying their youngest
boy who died while being carried as he was sick and did not receive any medial care
"Motoaz Azizia"

In 40 days and nights, Netanyahu and the Israeli military managed to make Israel once again an alien among the Arab world as no amount of naturalization of relations agreements with rich Gulf states will beat or delete the videos and images of charred Palestinian babies and toddlers.

In 40 days and nights, the discourse on secularism in the West has given way to discussions about biblical prophecies, exposing a stark contrast between the rhetoric of the West and the realities on the ground.

These 40 days and nights have revealed a sobering truth: Arabs and Muslims are confronted with the harsh reality of being perceived as sub-humans.

The lofty ideals expressed after the Arab Spring, where Western support was not as straightforward as it seemed, particularly in Egypt where Biden supported Mubarak, now appear to be more about public relations than genuine commitment to human rights and freedom.

Similarly, the rhetoric on diversity, freedom of expression, and integration in Western societies, touted for votes and elections, is challenged by the stark realities unfolding over these 40 days and nights.

As this new world takes shape before our eyes, there is a pervasive sense of pessimism about its prospects.

After 40 days and nights, we saw in front of our eyes how the UN is the biggest failure of all time. 

After those 40 days and nights, I am furious and sad still inshallah there is always hope.


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