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Investigate 7 October independently for the sake of the victims on both sides: Not only Zaka’s greed, but also the Israeli government supported lies for sake of genocide in Gaza

On January 31st, Haaretz, an Israeli publication, released an investigative report uncovering how a local ultra-Orthodox Jewish volunteer group exploited the tragedy of the October 7th attack for financial gain.

This group, which led the efforts to collect the bodies of the Israelis killed in the attack, propagated false and horrifying narratives about the events of that day. These fabrications have been used to justify one of the most egregious genocides of the 21st century thus far.

Despite the credibility of Haaretz's findings, which have not been refuted but rather corroborated by other Israeli media outlets, no mainstream Western media organization has deemed it newsworthy to share this information.

The organization in question is Zaka, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish non-governmental organization entrusted with handling unnatural deaths in Israel. Its primary function is to collect bodies, body parts, and blood and ensure their burial according to Jewish religious law.

Following the October 7th attack, Zaka was involved in a poorly executed operation to gather the victims' remains, according to reports from the renowned Israeli leftist newspaper. However, this is merely the surface of the issue.

Yossi Landau

According to Haaretz, Zaka and its head of operations in South Israel, Yossi Landeau as well as Israeli army officials spread unsubstantiated claims of atrocities committed against Israeli citizens, particularly children and the elderly. 

These claims were presented during tours of the affected settlements and reported by foreign media without verification. All those claims were made to gain donations worldwide according to the investigation.

Landeau and Israeli military officers alleged that between 40 to 8 infants were killed and subjected to decapitation and burning in ovens. They also claimed that babies were hanged on clotheslines. Additionally, they shared disturbingly graphic accounts of the murder of an elderly Holocaust survivor and the grotesque mutilation of a pregnant woman's womb.

These graphic narratives, though utterly implausible, were disseminated uncritically by Western media outlets, seemingly persuaded by the credibility attributed to the Israeli army and Zaka, despite the Israeli military's history of deception and the troubling allegations surrounding Zaka and its leadership, beginning with its founder.

Zaka and its officials can not be trusted with records involving allegations of sexual abuse and financial corruption. Reading what is published about the group I feel that we are in front of another Orthodox Jewish cult but no one wants to say it.

Days before the Haaretz report, the Israeli Channel 13 aired this report following the Israeli army’s own statement that one of its senior officers made “incorrect claims” regarding what happened to Kibbutz Ber’ri. Please watch it carefully.

There were no eight babies that were butchered in a nursey nor there was a Holocaust survivor in the Ba’ari settlement.

There was no baby hanged on a cloth line nor a pregnant woman whose womb was opened as the foreign reporters were told.

There was no baby in an oven.

These are Israeli reporters who are against Hamas and actually do not support Palestine or Palestinians.

The Palestinians were the first to deny those allegations insisting that their fighters did not do all this raising alarms about Zaka and its bias as well as the old and long record of the Israeli army’s lies. 

Hamas has been denying those allegations of killing babies in ovens as well as mass rape calling for an international investigation into the 7 October.  

The Palestinians were also the first to point out that “every accusation was actually a confession”.

Palestine witnessed how babies were put in the oven, elderly women killed, and pregnant women’s wombs opened to kill the unborn baby and his mother as well as mass rape of women and girls on site. All this happened during the first Nakba and the massacres committed by Zionist terrorist organizations that were led by none other than Israel and the Israeli army's founding fathers.

In December, Haaretz began to vent those claims as the settlement administrations as well as insurance companies began to speak up. No Western mainstream media outlet reported what Haaretz found then or even now as I hinted above.  

I was waiting for any proper Western media outlet to publish those findings but instead, I found the New York Times and Wall Street Journal publish anti-Arab Islamophobic op-eds based on those lies.

 Needless to say, the writers of the Op-eds do not need Zaka’s lies to hate Arabs and Muslims but they are spreading their hate and disrespect as well as racism openly thanks to those lies.  

I have not seen any of those major world newspapers like the Independent sharing the truth about Zaka’s allegations and the findings of the Haaretz and Israeli media itself on its front page.

Up till no retraction has been issued for those front pages. No journalist who reported Zaka’s claim came forward and apologized.

I was waiting for an official apology issued by Israel’s head of the national forensic unit who said that there were headless babies. No one apologized and the Israeli official state spokespersons are still using those lies.

There is an American Palestinian child, Wadea Al-Fayoume who was stabbed 26 times at his home in Plainfield Township, Illinois, by his family's landlord because of the Zaka’s claims that were spread by the Israeli officials in the Western Media.

Up till now, Joe Biden and the White House did not apologise for his claims about those babies.  

Watch this from Double Down News.

This is London-based Palestinian Journalist Ahmed Al-Naouq who lost over 23 members of his direct family including his parents and siblings in Gaza.

Al-Naouq’s timeline on Twitter was like an obituary page for three months.

Aside from the babies, we got the other devastating facts the Israeli army is trying to evade its implications.

Again back to Kibbutz Be’eri, an Israeli brigadier general who is also a settler told NY Times that he ordered an Israeli tank commander to fire on a home where Hamas fighters were holding 15 Israeli hostages killing most of the people in the house. Only two people survived that Israeli-friendly fire.

Among the Israeli victims is a child whose photo was used by the Israeli government for months to justify the murder of other children in Gaza.

Please watch this with Israeli veteran journalist Gideon Levy on Democracy Now TV.

Last week, we read that there were investigations into the Israeli army's conduct on October 7 or to be precise I believe how many Israelis had been killed by friendly fire as the Hannibal directive was activated.

The Hannibal Directive was a controversial procedure used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) until 2016 to prevent the capture of Israeli soldiers alive by enemy forces.

Introduced in 1986, it was designed to stop kidnappings "by all means, even at the price of striking and killing the soldiers as they are better dead than abducted”.

Israeli army denies activating the Hannibal directive but Yediot Aharonot newspaper said last month that it was untrue and the directive was used.

The Israeli army cannot admit that it has officially used the directive because if it does, it will be the end of Netanyahu and the current army’s commanders for real. The families of the Israeli victims will sue them and that’s the first thing that comes into my mind.

There is also this news that Israeli insurance companies found out that dozens of Israelis lied claiming that they attended the Nova music festival on October 7 to earn dozens of thousands of Shekels as compensation according to Israeli TV Channel Kan News' investigation.

Non-stopping lies   

On November 5, the Israeli Army released a video showing an alleged underground entrance that connects to a Hamas tunnel network at Sheikh Hamad Hospital.

The doctors who worked there and those who lived in the area denied that this opening led to any tunnel as I remember but no one wanted to give them even a chance to hear them.

After Israeli forces withdrew from areas in the northwest of Gaza, a Doha-based Alaraby TV correspondent visited the hospital to check on the alleged tunnel to find it a water tank.

Will the Western news websites and channels share this as an update?

Right after the International Court of Justice’s decision to order Israel to refrain from acts under the Genocide Convention (with genocidal intent) on 26 January, the Israeli government began campaigning against The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East “UNRWA” in a vindictive move as the ICJ depended on UNRWA’s official reports on the situation in Gaza as UN agency. Israel attacked the UNRWA claiming first that there were 12 out of 13,000 Palestinian workers inside Gaza who participated in the 7 October attack.

Without any further investigation, nine countries above them the United States and the UK announced that they were pausing funding for the agency that was already in dire need of funding to help the people of Gaza.

According to UNRWA Gaza Director Gunnarsdottir, of the 12 people against whom Israel made allegations, two are dead, one cannot be identified and one does not work for UNRWA so we got 8

As the UNRWA and International media began to investigate more the Israeli claims, we found that they went from 8 to 6 suspects.

Then they went to 4 suspects.

According to Sky News UK, the Israeli intelligence documents given to the press made several claims without proof, and many claims don't directly implicate UNRWA anyway.

The same conclusion is shared by the UK’s Channel 4 according to its international editor Lindsey Hilsum.

Another news that the Western media failed to report. The UN Human Rights Council said several times it was ready to investigate what happened on October 7 but the Israeli government rejected the offer and even forbade the Israeli doctors from speaking to the council’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel, citing its perceived anti-Israel stance.

By the way, you can this website detailing the fake news spread on October 7.

As a citizen of the Middle East/Arab World, I can easily recognize military nationalist genocidal propaganda when I encounter it. The Israeli military and government have disseminated such falsehoods to rationalize their actions in Gaza, including the ongoing genocide, as well as the complete occupation and forced displacement of the remaining population.

The ramifications of these lies extend beyond the immediate consequences of genocide; they also endanger the credibility not only of the Israeli people but also of the broader Jewish Zionist community and the Jewish population as a whole. These fabrications are now being exploited by true antisemites, such as Neo-Nazis, who have resurfaced on Twitter, thanks in part to Elon Musk's policies, to propagate genuine antisemitic propaganda against the Jewish people.

This underscores the urgent need for an independent UN investigation into the events of October 7, for the sake of all victims on both sides of the conflict. While such an investigation may seem unlikely, the truth will inevitably come to light, regardless of the obstacles.


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