Thursday, February 22, 2024

Watch : Egypt speaks about the 75 years of collective punishment and forced displacement of Palestinians in front of the ICJ on Israeli violations in Palestine

Watch the official advisory opinion of Egypt at the International Court of Justice “ICJ” on Israeli violations in Palestine on Wednesday at the Hague

Egypt’s statement in the hearing is read by Dr Jasmine Moussa, the legal advisor in the office of Egypt’s Foreign Minister.

Along with the oral argument, Egypt submitted two written memoranda to the court concerning Israel's violations since 1967.

Egypt is among 52 countries and 3 international the United Nations General Assembly requested from the ICJ their advisory opinion regarding the legal consequences of the Israeli policies and practices in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem in 2022.

Yes, in 2022.

Jasmine Moussa reads Egypt's statement in front of the ICJ at the Hague 

In its official statement, Egypt made it clear that for 75 years, the Palestinians have been the subject of a long collective punishment and forced displacement policies enforced by Israel.

Jasmine Moussa, a professor of international law at the American University of Cairo “AUC” stated that fact long neglected in the West that the Palestinians have been the victims of the longest occupation in modern history. 

She also mentions and reminds the world that these Hague hearings come at a time when over 29,000 Palestinians have been killed and over 2 million are forcibly displaced in Gaza. What is happening in Gaza is not a self-defence but rather a brutal war, Moussa said. 

The statement also states that Israel has been trying to change the demographics in occupied East Jerusalem in violation of international laws, thus those attempts are illegal just like the occupation of land in the West Bank.

The elephant in the room was brought up in the Egyptian statement too: Israel ignores the fundamental right of the Palestinians to self-determination

Moussa’s name is currently trending in Arabic as she earned the admiration of Egyptians who saw a bright example amidst hard days.


  1. Egypt don't want em either . Ever heard of the Brotherhood? Why did they kick Qatar Aljizz out? You are delusional. Go tell it on the mountain. Let my people go!

    1. Nobody wants them. Nobody in the whole world, even Arab countries. Why? Because they are troublemakers, and everyone knows it.

      Israel is going to finish the job, which means making sure it never happens again. It's going to take the lives of forty or fifty thousand Palestinians, at least. That's a shame, but it's what happens in wars. Many die including many innocents. October 7th was a bonehead move. Incredibly stupid.


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