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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2024 : Scheherazade tells you Ramadan Kareem from Egypt and “#CeasefireNow in #Gaza” {Updated}

First, Ramadan Kareem

Second, I cannot post the usual Ramadan 1001 Arabian Audio Nights as I have done in the past years and there are two genocides taken on Egypt’s borders whether in Gaza or in Sudan.

1001 Arabian Audio Nights are another Egyptian entertainment tradition to celebrate the Holy Month, but it is not time to celebrate and entertain when millions of people including Arabs and Muslims are displaced and starving by the worst kind of armies and militias in both nations as the world especially our shameful Arab world is just a spectator.

Ramadan decorations in an Egyptian alley in a Giza working-class area
The Palestinian flag "Muhammed Hamdy"

There is another Egyptian tradition that we have been taught since childhood, do not raise the sound of music or hold any festivities if your neighbour has lost someone and is in mourning. I was taught that lesson personally by my own grandma may Allah bless her soul. 

Two of our closest neighbours are not only mourning but they are also displaced, starved and killed.

We can’t enter the aid and we can’t stop the genocides yet the least thing we can do to them is to lower the TVs and radios. 

This is what I believe and honestly, I have no appetite whatsoever to watch any TV series or gossip show in that TV Ramadan marathon.

FYI: I had hopes for the truce and even prepared something if the truce was made but then Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu does not want a truce or any ceasefire because he knows it is his end for real.

Third, despite there will be no 1001 Arabian Audio Nights this year, there are other important things to share that it is timely. 

For instance: This post shows you how working-class and rural Egypt celebrated Palestine and Gaza during Ramadan.

Here is a video for the Ramadan Palestinian decorations in Gaza filmed by Mohamed Hamdy.

In rural and working-class Egypt, celebrating Ramadan is a must whereas Ramadan decorations are a must as they are hung between the houses in the narrow alleys.

Here are Palestine Ramadan decorations from Cairo by Egyptian photographer Mohamed Hossam El-Din.

To Alexandria. 

From Alexandria by Ahmed Emad 

To Nile Delta 

In Behaira's Kom Hamada 

To Dakahlia's Atmidah which became famous regionally with its decorations.

From Atmidah village in Dakahalia 
by Mohamed Nasr 

From Atmidah village in Dakahalia 
by Mohamed Nasr 

From Atmidah village in Dakahalia 
by Mohamed Nasr 

From Atmidah village in Dakahalia 
by Mohamed Nasr 

Here is a video from the village.

This year, those hard-working Egyptians who already suffer and face their own challenges when it comes to the economic crisis and high inflation sent a message that they support Palestine and Gaza in their own way.

There would be competitions on which streets or villages usually in Ramadan when it comes to decoration so yes, it is a message in its own way. 

From Sharkia 
Photographer unknown 

These are the real people of Egypt, the real salt of Egypt, the real builders of Egypt since the time of ancient Egypt. So do not you dare and come telling me that Egyptians hate Palestinians because we do not hate them on the contrary. 

In these small villages and narrow alleys, thousands of Egyptian young men came and died in defence of Egypt against the zionist Israeli dreams of expansion even before 1948. 

A Palestinian flag Ramadan lantern with a photo of Abu Obaida, the 
spokesperson of Hamas' military wing "Ezz El-Din El-Qassam" 
in the heart of the famous Arab Quarter in Port Said

It was not a surprise to find the photo of Abu Obaida, the spokesperson of the Hamas military wing "Ezz El-Din El-Qassam" in the heart of the famous Arab Quarter in Port Said. 

The famous Arab Quarter was one of Egypt's centres of militant resistance against the occupation from 1951 to 1956. The peak was shelled and destroyed nearly completely during the Suez war in 1956. 

By the way this is the first time something like that happens in Egypt and it is purely organic with no government support. 

We believe in Palestine and Palestinians to the level that we want them to enjoy a true state and true right of self-determination. We know every inch will be left a Palestinian family, it will be occupied and they will not be able to return back as it happened before in 1948. That's why the majority of the Palestinians are staying in Gaza despite the ongoing genocide. 

That's why Egypt and other Arab countries do not for real want to host the Palestinian refugees as Israel and the West want. It is not because the Palestinians are bad and your proof is the Black September in Jordan or the civil war in Lebanon. 

The Palestinian society in Egypt is a successful and important one. We never had ever a problem with the Palestinians in Egypt, on the contrary, some of the names I will mention now most Egyptians think that they are Egyptians like comedians Abdel Salam Al-Nabulsi and Badr El-Din Gamgom "who is married to legendary Egyptian-Armenian former child star Fairuz". There are also actors Yasmine El-Raeis and Wafaa Sadek. 

You want even more successful Palestinian-Egyptians in other fields like Hassan Asfour, the founder of Crystal Asfour, the country's first and most important as well as famous crystal factory.

So we do not put Palestinians or any refugees in Camp, our doors and houses are open to refugees but since 1948 we know that every Palestinian leaves his house, it is taken by invaders from other countries in the pursuit of yet another supremacist nationalist failed idea. 

And here Scheherazade tells you Ceasefire Now in Gaza. If you live in Europe or the United States then write to your Parliament representative and demand a ceasefire.


  1. Viva Hamas .. Free Palestine 🇵🇸 Ramadan Kareem

  2. Next year I Jerusalem

    1. Try it, and join your death-cult comrades in Hell.

  3. If your doors were open to Jews there wouldn't be any refugees. Egypt where are your Jews? Jews were in Egypt long long long time before Arabs. There were thousand. Where are they Egypt?


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