Friday, March 29, 2024

Watch in Ramadan: “Stern: The Man, the Gang and the State”

So, I am sharing this new documentary released and produced by Al-Jazeera Documentary “Stern: The Man, the Gang and the State”

Directed by Egyptian documentary filmmaker Hossam Serhan, this is a highly and timely documentary about one of the founding fathers of Israel and its army.

The documentary is about Avraham Stern and his Zionist militia “Lehi”.

Lehi and its members above them Stern were officially recognized as terrorists by the British occupation.

Unlike what you think, this documentary goes after the Israeli version and most of the speakers are Israelis including Stern’s son.

Hossam Serhan truly excelled in his storytelling, allowing the narrative to be driven by the Israeli perspective. 

Zionism is a supremacy nationalist idea; nationalism kills as history has proved over and over.

Nationalists admire Nazism and Fascism.

It was not a surprise to find Stern attempting to form an alliance with the Nazis against the UK. It was not him only.

In fact, it turned out that truly saving Jews from the Holocaust was not truly a priority for the Zionists according to veteran non-Zionist activist Tony Greenstein. “This is an extra bit”

Another interesting extra that did not find its way to the final cut but is actually relevant in understanding Israel as a nationalist state. This is Thomas Suarez, a renowned author as well as a musician.

Here is the second part. 

I hope you enjoy watching “Stern” and yes, try to connect it with what is happening today in Palestine.

We are not done yet with Stern because two years following his assassination by the British, Upscale Zamalek island of the Great Cairo would taste his own poison ushering a new age in the Palestinian-Zionist conflict but this is another tale for Scheherazade to recount soon inshallah in another night.


  1. Arab nationalism is much healthier. Notice the Palestinian flag is is the pan Arab flag. Now do an expose on Nassar. Free the fucking hostages!

  2. Funny. Truth hurts. Arab nationalism killed millions. Jewish nationalism is to save lives, including Arab. I guess only me and the ignorant will know the comments removed.

  3. If Stern succeeded all the Arabs would be back where they came from in Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc and Palestine would be free and peaceful. 1 Jewish state 6 million Jews. 30 Muslim states. 2 billion and their enablers in Europe and Africa . And we will defeat you. You went too far this time and we have nowhere else to go. We will defend till the last man, woman and child. Your overweight heros will fall because you believe in nothing except hatred and jealousy. Why don't you build something other than fucking tunnels?

  4. The Turks ruled the area for 800 years. What land claim could Arabs possibly have? It's Turkish or it's Israeli?


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