Sunday, May 5, 2024

Happy Orthodox Easter 2024 from Gaza regardless of war

Happy Orthodox Easter from Gaza, from one of the world’s oldest active yet ignored Church of Saint Porphyries.

Despite all the odds the Church and the very few remaining Greek Orthodox Christians celebrated Orthodox Easter holding all the masses and rituals.

Easter Orthodox held at St.Church of Saint Porphyries in Gaza on Sunday
by Hamza Qraiqea for Anadolu/AFP

The Palestinian Orthodox Christians held all the masses and rituals in a sombre mood after all that they had been facing since October.

People ignore the fact that this is the third oldest active church in the world named after Saint Porphyries of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Originally born in Thessaloniki, Bishop Porphyries was sent to Gaza in the 5th century by the Patriarch of Jerusalem when it was a city of Pagans. Historically Gaza was a pagan city and was not even a part of the short-lived-Jewish Kingdoms in what was known then Jerusalem and Judea.

Bishop Porphyries helped in the conversion of many Palestinians to Christianity. Porphyries’ tomb is in the North Eastern corner of the Church.

Now I do not understand why a Church like the Church of Saint Porphyries is not on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Unfortunately, the world seemed to discover it only when it was bombed by Israeli Air Forces on 25 October causing the collapse of one of the two halls it targeted.

Over 16 people were killed including toddlers and babies on that night

I think after the bombing, UNESCO should work to add the 1800-year-old church as soon as possible to its World Heritage list.

@jubraelsameernahh They blew up a church built 1800 years ago #فلسطين ♬ original sound - jubraelsameernahhas

It is a shame.

Here is a clip from the Easter Mass as it was held at Saint Porphyries earlier this week.

I am astonished that the Western media overlooked the actions of the Israeli government, particularly its Ministry of National Security led by Itamar Ben Gvir, in obstructing Christian Palestinians from celebrating Easter in East Jerusalem.

On Friday, the Israeli forces erected iron barriers around the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in East Jerusalem, obstructing access for Christians on the eve of the Holy Saturday

On Saturday, this happened.

It did not stop there because the Israeli forces arrested the Greek consul's guard during the Holy Saturday’s Holy Fire celebrations at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

I have to remind you that East Jerusalem is an occupied territory that Israel should withdraw from according to the United Nations Security Council Resolution No.242.

I have to remind you too that the Jerusalemite Armenians are still having a fight to protect the Armenian Quarter in Old East Jerusalem.


  1. So basically everyone belongs in Jerusalem except Jews. And the last time Arabs controlled Jerusalem they destroyed 57 of the 58 Jewish houses of prayer. You will get nothing. We're not gonna take your lies about coexistence anymore. More plagues on Egypt. Though who'd be able to tell the difference.

    1. "who'd be able to tell the difference" HAHAHAHAAAAA! I know, right?

  2. "Unfortunately, the world seemed to discover it only when it was bombed by Israeli Air Forces" Unfortunately you would un-discover it if you couldn't use it to bash the Jews..


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