Friday, June 7, 2024

All Eyes on Sudan : Wad Al-Noura Massacre is just one of too many Massacres

I told you before that 5 June 2024 was a bitter one as it was not only the anniversary of the Six Day War Defeat in the Gaza war and the flags parade in East Jerusalem, but it also came at the time another Arab country witnessed a horrifying genocide and the world is still watching.

A photo from a screenshot showing the first mass funeral held for the victims
on the Wednesday at Wad Al-Noura 

In Sudan, we found out Wednesday night that more than 100 men were killed by the Rapid Support Forces “RSF” in one day in one single village in Al Jazira state.

According to the latest numbers we have got, there are at least 180 men who were killed by the RSF in this massacre that officially carries the name of the village it had been committed at “Wad El Noura”.

The latest numbers confirmed that there are 35 children among the victims. There are 220 people seriously injured by the villagers.

“Wad El Noura” village which was unknown outside Sudan has become world famous for the most wrong reasons ever.

Wad El-Noura massacre’s survivors say that the attack happened shortly after 5am Wednesday with a large envoy of RSF vehicles.

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RSF used heavy artillery shelling before storming the village. Most killings happened by execution at point-blank range inside homes.

The massacre started when the villagers refused to let the militia into their village as they knew the militia was intent on looting thus the militia responded by shelling their homes with heavy weaponry.

The RSF have publicly confirmed that their elements were involved in ground operations in this area on 5 June. 

Their supporters downplay the numbers.

Here is a video from the first mass funeral held for the first the batch of victims. 

More than 15,000 reportedly were killed in West Darfur’s Gineina according to the Sudanese activists. In 14 months of war between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the RSF, there are estimations that more than 150,000 have been killed.

According to the latest numbers released by the United Nations organizations, more than 8.8 million people fled their homes since mid-April 2023 including 2 million Sudanese who crossed the borders.

Chad, the origin of the RSF recruits hosts the biggest community of Sudanese people who fled the war with over 600,000 Sudanese people followed by Egypt with 500,000 Sudanese people.

Over 7.1 million Sudanese are internally displaced inside their own country.

It is currently the world’s biggest internal displacement crisis.

Over 24 million people are in dire need of assistance in 2024.

Five million Sudanese are on the verge of famine while 2.5 million people could die by September if there is not enough humanitarian aid.

I do not know what else to say.

Those who claim that people are focusing on Palestine and ignoring Sudan, I have not seen them doing a single thing to help the Sudanese people.

Wad Al-Noura is not the first massacre committed by the Emirati-backed RSF in Sudan and unfortunately, it won't be the last if the international community does not do anything. Unfortunately, it won't.


  1. If Arabs didn't glorify their noble attempts at genocide on each other and others maybe someone might give a shit. Give back the fucking hostages!

  2. This blog has literally hundreds of posts denigrating Jews and worshipping the death cult in Palestein. There is a real famine in Sudan also caused by your death cult. Sure you care hypocrite lol

  3. Zenoba xenophobia cares too much about Sudan. I bet she couldn't even find it on a map. In Sudan, genuine terror and skeletal people. In Gaza, fat and still celebrating rape .

  4. Zeinoba is an expert on the Sudan as she has dedicated her life to human rights. She post almost daily of the atrocities and can name all the children who were brutalized, killed. Raped and starved. Free the fucking hostages!



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