Egyptian Chronicles: Dead Fish in Marina !!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dead Fish in Marina !!

I know this news has appeared n Youm 7 and it could be untrue or exaggerated but the fact that there are also dead fish in the States , Brazil and New Zealand !!

Youm 7 claims that huge number of dead fish at the shores of famous Marina resort in the North Coast starting from 5th of January 2011. The governorate of Marsa Matrouh informed the ministry of environmental affairs to the matter , which means the ministry will send couple of experts to the area by Sunday.

First of all I remember that this was not the first time it happens in that area.

Second of this simply may have been caused “mostly” by the cold water stress which is the rapid temperature drop. It has happening all over the world so we should not panic and let our conspiracy theory mind goes faraway as it always does.

Back to Marina  resort itself , I am amazed that when we speak about the most important archeological discoveries in 2010 , we ignore that important archeological discovery near Marina. We can use this hidden city to attract foreign tourists. I do not have any idea why this discovery was not highlighted last year in our national media. By the way foreign Tourists do not come to Marina not because it is an A Class resort “used to be actually as the A Class is moving West” for Egyptians only but because its sea is bad , they will not come only to swim in artificial lakes.

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  1. Zeinab there are also thousands of birds that dropped dead from the sky on new year's eve in Arkansas. There is definitely something significant about these incidents.

  2. It was the Mossad.


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