Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woman Of The Year 2010 in Egypt

When I made that poll about "Man of the year 2010 in Egypt" people wondered why there was no in woman in the list and I remember that I said that I could not find a significant woman with significant achievements last year. Now I admit that I was wrong , there is a woman of year 2010 who should be mentioned

Ladies and gentlemen may you meet Woman of year 2010 / Laila of 2010 in Egypt and the Arab world
Mrs. Laila Marzouk , Khaled Said's mother

Mrs. Laila Marzouk after the murder of her son
I choose Mrs. Laila  because she is a living example on strong an Egyptian woman can be. I do not know her personally but this lady continues to amaze with her patience and persistence to defend her late son's right from those who killed him standing in front of powerful regime.
On monthly basis Mrs. Laila goes to the trial of her youngest son's despite all the horrible and disgusting insulted hurled by the families and supporters of the accused undercover agents who killed her son.
For months that lady and her family stood against the attack of the official media with their terrible lies.
Mrs. Laila turned a simple stay at home regular mom to an opposition icon , an activist for change in Egypt that goes with ElBaradei to Upper Egypt to encourage the youth to sign the demands statement.
Icon of Change
I remember Mrs. Laila when I found her visiting the victims of the Two Saints Church attack in the hospital with Egyptian actor and activist Khaled Abu Naga. Here is Mrs. Laila speaking with 11 years old Sheri who still does not know that her dad was killed and her mother is technically between life and death.
Mrs. Laila, Abu Naga and Sheri (ElBaradei campaign)
Mrs. Laila may have lost her son physically but I think she has now millions of children across Egypt. I may seem to be emotional but I am biased.
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  1. Good choice!
    She truly represents the Egyptian mother with her sorrow, patience, persistence and compassion.


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