Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow up : Matrouh’s Shocking Videos

First of all as you may have noticed the video published by El-Badil newspaper from couple of days ago was removed from the YouTube and Facebook !! Anyhow ElBadil published the second video after editing."Warning : Graphic content"
Egyptians tortured in Libya–Part 2
I do not understand why the YouTube removes the El-Badil edited enhanced version when the original shocking versions are still online !! “Updated : YouTube removed other clips too”
Second of all the people are still angry in Matrouh and are insisting on restoring the rights of the victims. One of the victims is called “Salah S.” and he got some trouble with the law already there. He was facing sneaking across the borders charges but he was released in Egypt for LE 101 fine. “First time I know that sneaking to the Libya illegally costs a fine !!”
The people in Matrouh are thinking of suing the Libyan government and that officer in front of the Libyan courts

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