Friday, October 8, 2004

Terrorist groups announced Responsbitiy for Blasts in Taba

Yesterday the France Pres agencey declared that it had received a call from a group caling itselfl "the International Islamic group" saying they were behind the Blasts in Taba
then in the morning ,Al-jazeera annoucned that A group belongs to Al-Qaeda to have a responsibility of the attack in a statement published in of those forums that suddenly appear on the net
yet if you look closer to the satement ,strange word stopped me they used the (Gazoa) a word that the Qaeda use in its statements always ,what is strange is this Word means Battle in Arabic is used only and I repeat only in the Description of the battles Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) particpated in ,only ,this is their only use ,and no one over the arabic or islamic history used it till the Al-Qaeda used it,it is not acceptable to Be used in arabic with anyone accept Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)
this is a little remark many people in Islamic World noticed
if they are experts in Islam ,they won't Use it
see what I mean ,they Just pretending

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