Monday, October 18, 2004

El-Sadat : The actor and the Politician

Golda Mier ,the late prime minister of Israel once said about him

" he doesn't deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace ,he should have been awarded with the Oscar Best Actor"

She was speaking about the late Egyptian president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat .This phrase I always think about it and wonder about its meaning as for one thing you must all know in the Arab World there is a rule which is when a king or president rules ,he erases what had done by others before him and pretends that history begins in his era ,believe me it is a basic rule, so I can't judge on man and say he is an actor or peace maker ,Anwar El-Sadat till now is from the villains in the Arab World ! believe or not Saddam is popular than him in same parts!

Anyway I think she meant that he is a good politician as politics is the fine art of acting and lying for great purposes as it is known in the Arab World so the equation a good politician is a good actor ,yet I couldn't figure out did she say it as admiration or hate? anyway many questions I had about his man who is being until now cursed and blessed at the same time.
The answer was in the man and his life and here is some interesting facts I guess most of you don't know about it :

  • El-Sadat was born in 1914 in Monfya in Delta of Egypt famous of its intelligence and sometimes wicked people,he was born in a very poor poor family, he wasn't ashamed of it like Nasser ,in fact he was the first to appear on TV and speak about his poor childhood ,for Egyptian father and Sudanese mother "the second president to have Sudanese origins".
  • El-Sadat used to a spy in Nazi spy ring in Cairo in WWII,this spy ring had other celebrities like the famous English Patient Count Laszlo de Almásy "don't believe the novel or the movie", and the famous belly dancer in 40s Hakmet Fahmi . He was found guilty and went to jail for the first time.
  • He really admired the German forces at this time not for their ideology of Nazism but the its military forces . He admired the famous Nazi war generals and this was obvious when he changed the uniform of the Egyptian Army to become similar to the Nazi army "Legend says that he brought some of those generals to the Egyptian army before 1973"
  • He joined the spy ring because he hated the British existence in Egypt like many Egyptians who love their country and supported Germany including King Farouk
  • He was accused by the murder of Amin Othman , a minster who supported the British existence ,and he went to jail the second time,this time was harder then the first "He did not regret it"

May be then you can judge what he was an actor or a politician
I recall here what in the mad man of Libya Elgadfi said in one the Arabic summit :

"this man had the guts to deal with Israel on the table in the light ,while all of you( Arab kings and presidents) deal with it under the table in the dark with out your people knowledge"

In the end

" I am An Egyptian peasant ,born in one of the villages over the banks of the immoratal Nile River where Time was born ,I am Mohamed Anwer El-sadat"

from his own autobiography in searching of Identity


  1. Hakmet Fahmi not excuted by British, rather she died by natural cause

  2. are you sure ?? this is what I read anyhow


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