Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well President Arfaat is dying in Paris as you all know from the news ,resons behind his deadly illness still remains a secret between the french physicans treating him ,despite the reports and the news reaching to us in the Mid East and the Arab world confirming that he was poisoned by a slow poison in his food ,this was confirmed in indirect way by the annoucement in the Arabic media that there was an investigation in Ramallah in the Arfaat's headquarter with all the people who responsible with Arfaat's food and medicine

the Question here rises who poisoned Arfaat ?
the first answer can be the Iseralis but the Iseralis could have got rid of him from long time ,but still they are number 1 suspects especailly the threats of Sharon and his minister by killing Arfaat
the second answer appeared yesterday and the day before it when Soha Arfaat (his wife whom I was surprised to see it again after news they were divorced!!) accused the Arfaat's palestinian authority officals that they were iniherting him and wanted him dead ,accusation that had many meanings

yet the Palestinian street didn't care too much for her statement
for one reason they don't respect her as a wife ,leaving her husband away for 3 years with no support even in a television support or something ,they considered this act as escape ,the palestinian woman suffers everyday and she doesn't complain
while she is living in paris with the money of the Liberation Organization and the money of the Palestinian people
"where was she?" a palestinian woman said on the al-jazeera yesterday in a comment on what Soha said

for another reason ,Soha is being accused with other Palestinian authority officals from many parties with corruption and stealing the money of Palestinian people

But I am convince that if he was Poisoned ,the Iserali governmet will be behind it,he is not the first or the last palestinian killed by iserali government

anyway the funeral arrangement is beginning arranged right now in Ramallah for where he is going to be buried ,well sure not in jerusalem as Iseral refused (is there any more humiliation then this).but there is still a hope by tomorrow's visit of the Egyptian Foreign affairs Minister with other important officails (there was a romour that he is going to be buried in Egypt)

I guess and I expect the announcement of death or even the funeral will be in the next saturday not on Friday for two reasons

1- Next friday is considered in the Islamic lunar celander is last friday in the holy month of Ramdan ,the last friday as we call it ,it is important day ,and clashes can happen between the palestinians and iseralis after Friday prayer in jerusalem (Palestinians convinced that Iseral government poisoned their leader)

2- and I guess this reason is much more important that the date 12th of novemebr is the Quds Day (jerusalem day),

domenstrations could happen in this day in Palestine against Iseral and its policy

anyway the question here is what is going after his departure?

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