Friday, October 8, 2004

Explosions at Hilton Taba

Al-Jazeera Tv now is broadcasting the new of the Explosions that Happened in Hilton Taba at midnight, 30 Iseralis were killed in the blast and more than 129 ( and the number is exceeding) from different Nationalities among Egyptians and British are injured ,The Egyptian government asked Israel to send Medical Aid because the Sharm Sheik Hospital is far away for the place ,that till the ambulances or any help comes from Sharm ,the situation will be worse, the Israeli Government asked Its Citizens in Sinia to leave it immediately, more than 40000 Israeli came to Taba to Celebrate some Religious feast or something I don't know what is it Exactly
What I know that I know my professor's wife ,daughter,son in law and grand son are there ,spending the week end in Taba in the Occasion of the 6th of October war,I wish they are fine.
What I know is the purpose of this terrorist act is not to kill Israelis, but to Kill the Egyptian Economy ,here is the impact ,Sinia is a great tourist attraction ,and the new season is already starting and it is starting good ,Tourism is from the main resources to the Egyptian Economy ,,one bombing like is capable of making tourists run away from all over Egypt by Tomorrow's night ,just like the Luxor terrorist attack
visit El-Ajazeera channel ,
believe Iseral isnot the target but it Is Egypt

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