Monday, December 27, 2004

The Earth's Anger,A bloody day in Asia

This is worset earthquake that happened in the world from 40 years ago ,I guess it is not an earthquake ,more than it is eath's anger ,yes our mother Earth is just angry from us ,from these wars, pollution and suffering in this world

People just in few seconds died by 100 thousands ,and still millions are missing ,and with Ignorance and poverty in this part of Asia ,a health diseaster can occur .those 100 thousands died from earhtquake and great Ocean tide , all scientists in Arab channels like Al-Jazeera said that that Eathquake was a result of a huge energy that was inside the Earth for many years( I am sorry I am not so good at Science and so on but this what I understood) ,I guess this energy was an anger for the Killing of Millions of Humans in Wars and Pollution

It Can be God's Anger ,Simply God can be angry for what is happening in the Earth ,the Earth which God made the humans to live in it ,to protect it and build it ,giving them the responsibility of the Earth

Here I recall a tale in The Holy Quran ,when God told the Angels about giving the Humans(Adam and Eve) the responsobility of Earth and let them live in it ,the first thing Angels said "They will destory it ,they will spread Evil in it"

yet God is Merciful , one scientist said that if that horrible Earthquake didn't happen today ,there could happen another worset quake and that the Earth has more than 40 years to have enough energy to make such earthquake

I am sad for all those who died and lost their beloved ones in this horrible day

Plz remember them when you celebrate the Newyear ,as this is the sad end for a sad year

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