Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Iseral and Moroco to follow Turkey

Turkey opened the doors for others to join to the EU ,I don't know how accurate is this news which I read today that Iseral and Moroco want to join the EU

Ok this is a real comedy ,for many things ,ok I can understand Iseral position surrounded by countries which hate it ," A democratic oasis surrounded by deserts of dicatorship" as some like to describe it ,but is Iseral isnot a part of Europe ,Well geographically it is part of Asia, despite Iseral has all the qualification to be a member in EU (seems to me better than many of the newly Eastern Europe countries) but there is one obstacle ,of course Palestine,Syiria and Lebanon ,in another words ,The Arab-Iserali conflict

the big laugh goes to Moroco ,ok first it is from Africa not from Europe ,second it is an arabic country , a member in the Arab League !!third a muslim country ,yes Turkey is a muslim country but not like Moroco ,may be Moroco wants to join the EU so it can the immegrants problem, so instead they go to Europe ,they stay at home !!

another thing about Moroco (I don't hate Moroco ,but I am an arab who loves her arabhood so much and such talk makes me sad) ,the EU doesn't need poor countries with its union ,what will it offer to the EU?? what about its membership to the Arab League?? Also I guess Moroco's style of ruling doesn't go along with the European style"dictatorship"

this is real comedy

anyway they are building castles in the Air because till now Turkey isnot accepted in the EU ,it is still negotation

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