Thursday, December 16, 2004

Syria,Iran and the United states

ok yesterday Goerge Bush warned Syria and iran from interferring in Iraq , warned them both in way that reminds me with
a teacher that warns children in a class room

to go the subject directly as I am tired

with my all respect to the feelings of the responsiblity of the President Goerge Bush towards Iraq there are some points must be cleared ,I am an arab muslim who lives in The region and knows it very well

1-About interfering in Iraq internal affairs ,if these countries(Iran and Syria,the neighbours) didn't interfer who else will? come on don't tell me if Mexico had been occupied with another army or even have some troubles ,The United States wouldn't interfer for its sake and the sake of its people

2-About supporting Terrorism ,plz define the meaning of the terrorism and here I mean the terrorists ,who are they ? Bin laden 's associated Abi Masb ElZaraqawe ,well this is one big joke ,I mean how could the syrian and irani systems support it and they are against it for the following reasons:

-Both political systems are shiia ,the Syrian Assad system is a shiia Alowi system (Alowi is a branch from the 12th Shiia groups), normally Shiias hate sunnis so much .the both systems have done crimes against the sunnis in their countries(The sunni minority in Iran and the sunni Majority in syria ,In Syria Hafaaz Elassad ,20 thousand sunni Muslims were killed in Hamaa (North of Syria) in 1971 by bombing the city ,all the sunni muslim groups were vanished from Syria since 70s) may be Iran encouraged the Islamic revolution Concept but in under what term? The Shiia term not the sunni
also the religious moderate sunni muslims arenot fond so much by the shiia ,so imagine the radical sunni muslims
This is like combining the fire with water
ok and the resistence or the terrorists or the mulitants or whoever fighting the American Army and co. in Iraq are sunni muslims so how in hell they will get support from these two countries especailly?

ok I get it when there is Shiia rebels in Iraq with connection to Iran

2-regarding Syria ,the political system in it isn't only a shiia one ,but mainly is a communist one ,a real communist one (Hafez El-Assad was said that he didn't know how to pray and was taught to pray ) ,the Muslims in Syria faced human rights crimes ,thousands and even millions were killed of muslims so how Bin Laden or other religious group will get support from it and the blood of fellow muslim is still on the hands of the system ? tell me how?

3- If they interfer in Iraq well it is from their rights as they are neighbours ,and their people and countries' interests are above all considerations (all countries do so ,the United States is the first ),

I guess all this attack on both countries has to do with the american relationship with them then Iraq interfer issue

The U.S hates Iran since the revolution of 1979 as since that it lost the most important allie It had in the region beside Iseral(My best friend turned to be my worset enemy)

Syria was always in the wrong Side ,The favorite of the ex: U.S.S.R .its allie ,refusing Peace with Iseral under its conditions untill this year ,refusing to leave Lebanon , Syria is still in The Cuba ,Vitenam and China Camp ,and I forgot North Korea

G.W.Bush didn't bring anything new when he declared the Axis of Evil list ,they are the old black list countries

it isnot about terrorist ,that 's what I am saying

another thing ,to the comedian Iraqi minister who said Iran is the worest and only enemy for Muslims and Arabs even before the Islam ,sir remember the old arab saying ,speaking from silver and silence from Gold


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