Monday, December 13, 2004

Majda El-Roumi , a voice from the Arab World and culture

Majda El-Roumi , the crystal sound of Arabic culture ,she comes from Bairut singing proudly with the pains of horrible civil wars and hopes of bright future not only for her country but for her arab nation ,you can feel this if you understand arabic and listen to her song "Coming from Bairut"[Jay Min Bairut] from the lyrics of the great Egyptian Poet Abd El-Rahmin El-Abnody you will know what I mean

Majda was born in the year 1956 ,the year of the Suez war in Egypt ,her father Halim El-roumi was a music composer who lived with his family from long time in Egypt, she was raised with the love of Egypt along with her love to her own country,that why I consider her as an Egyptian , you can be an Egyptian ,if you love Egypt truelly , I feel that she is Egyptian espeacilly when she sings "the brunette of the Nile " [Samra El-Nil] ,this song is a beautiful description of Egypt ,a poem in its love and respect
She sang for many arab countries like Jordan ,Syria Etc,.... yet all these songs are not so powerful in meaning like the Brunette of the Nile ,I promise I will translate it one day soon

I feel she is Egyptian when she sings by our accent

Majda is an example of how the Arabic Woman should be from dignity and love ,strength and Sweetness

She works an ambassdor for the UN or one of its organiztions I don't remember but I guess she is ambassdor to the Arabic Culture and civilization

Majda, the chirstian who sings by Arabic ,the language of Islam

She always chooses her songs perfectly from Lyrics (most of them are poems written by famous Poets like the Nazer Kabney) and music (working with music composers like late Kamel El-Towalli and Gamal Salama)
The most romantic words and music you can hear it from her mouth

She is a mind-heart language singer in the time of Ruby ,Bossy Samir and other body language singers in the Arab world (sorry for mentioning those names beside MAjda as they don't desreve to be mentioned in international community like JU

If you want to discover another phase of Arabic civilization ,go and listen to Majda Roumi

sorry I can write better than this but I am busy
oh I forgot today is Majda El-Roumi 's birthday


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