Saturday, December 11, 2004

Egyptian Feminist Nawal El-Saadawi to Presdency Bid

First who is Nawal El-Saadawi?

of course this is her official website ,so you will find her speaking about herself from her own point of view. She is an old lady who admits her real age ,doesn't use any make up and her clothes are so simple for any woman ( seems man style to me) ,supports the Women's lost rights in the East because of the Eastern Men and she fights for the freedom of the Women and freedom of Expression ,she is against the United States and Israel ,her famous words "The East and West are fighting me",an old ex-communist, her opinions always contradicts with the State and the Religion of Islam and even some time Christianity ,went to jail several times and went to exile several time , she is a kind of -I love trouble -Lady

Ok my turn to comment on her , I respect some of Nawal's opinions especially about the freedom of expression ,Democracy ,Men, United states and Israel but I am not convince or respect her opinion regarding the religion or anything related to it ( I am a Muslim who respects her religion very much) also sometimes I agree with the people saying she always wants to be under the spot light

Second what is the meaning of this entry ? check the BBC news

Nawal wants to run for the Egyptian presidency race in 2005,the race which usually had and has only one racer that the president himself as the rule in The middle East and third world, a brave step especially from An Egyptian Woman ,the reason behind this isn't to win like she said but to make the Egyptian people Wake up from their long sleep and get back their stolen freedom ( I respect this )

yet her mission is a mission impossible one why?

because first She won't be able to do this because she will have to take the approval of the people 's assembly (The parliament) to be a candidate at least 1/3 of its members ( majority from the national democratic party ,the president Party ,the ruling Part) and the opposition minority doesn't like her and hate her----------this is from the official side

second if she succeeds and becomes a candidate the majority of the Egyptian People won't vote for her ,as the majority thinks she is a crazy old woman hates the Islam ,  Egyptians are religious whether Muslims or Christians ,her social opinions are shocking to the society

Third she isn't a politician or has an military expertise ,yes she understands in Politics but Can she take a political decision ? A military expertise is important especially we live in a region ,Death and War are parts from its morning( Magda El-Roumi's Kana)

The third reason is why I don't encourage her

anyway I forgot to say that this news isn't mentioned and is ignored completely in the official media ,only foreign ,Arab and opposition Egyptian newspapers mentioned it

It is brave thing from her ,but the Egyptian People are not sleepy as she says ,They are awake but watching what is going around them silently just as they used to do from 7000 years

Imagine a summit meeting between her and George Bush


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