Friday, March 4, 2005

The Consitution Change in Egypt

From a week ago ,the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak declared a historical decision that he thought 'no one else ! ' that now is the suitable time for it
The decision is " To change the Consitution Chapter no.76 concening the presidentail elections in Egypt ,specifically ,the way of electing the President"
The system of the elections since 1954 ,says that it is simply a one man show ,the president who is also the leader of the rulig party 'whether it was the communist union in Nasser's Era ,or the National democractic in Sadaat or Mubarak's Era ' is chosen by the parliment as the majority of its members choose him 'ironically ,the majority always from the ruling party ',then a Public Plebisctie ,and of course you can imagine the results , then came the Consitution of 1971 and put it in a better words and after they thought 'who from this ignorant people will read the whole damn consitution after all to know their rights?'

in another words Proudly I say that since the year 1954 when the Egyptians lost their freedom without their knowledge by the refusal of the free Officers and the rest of the army to Late General Naguib suggestion and hope of Turning Egypt in to Domcractic civilian state , that the Egyptains choose 'as if we had a choice really !!' their president through the Plebiscite,just say yes or no

And so our presidents stay with us for decades untill they die 'really that always happens'.The results of the plebiscite is 99.999% yes and 0.001% said no !! ,For God Sake ,even God doesn't have this percentage of believers on this earth!! anyway just the last plebiscite Mubarak got only 94% yes and 6% no !!

Ok what is the change ,well from the officail words The way of choosing the president will change to be a free election with many Candiadates from the different political parties ,with a programs ,campagins...etc ,
a great victory of democracy ,is n't it?

First why after all these years ,at last we took back a stolen right?
answer in Two reasons ,

External pressures , Mr.Bush named Egypt in his speech in The congress and wished that 'Egypt ,The great proud Egypt to start the democracy in the region as it started the Peace ' , then came the human rights issue from Chistians to Sinia's arabs and other , and then comes the last stone Mr.Ayman Nour case

-----Ayman Nour ,the head of the Tomorrow's party ,a liberal party includes important names like Mona Makram Abid and others ,this party was facing alot of problems ,first this party knows according to the Consitution will lead the oppostion in the Parliment ,second it calls for freedom and human rights ,third it is an active one
Nour in the old consitution chapter 76 will be able 'if he wants to' to go in a debate with Mubarak to let the Parliment choose between them one for the Plebisicite,the idea itself seemed annoying then came the public requests for changing the consitution led also by Tomorrow's party ,so what ?
The government arrested Nour for a silly charge 'he fake some papers to enlarge the number of his parties' members' till now he is in jail yet since his arrest the american and european pressures are exceeding on the burden of the Egyptian state
some say Nour is supported by the U.S well for me Mr,Ayman Nour isn't a clear person you can judge his history ,or even know he is in what side ,yet I prefer to give the man a chance

Condy Rice with her Meeting with the Egyptian Foreign affair minister said that the U.S is concerned with Mr.Nour's case and wanted him to be set free ,this is from the american side
Unfortuanly I feel that the regime used the public hate to the american administration and made the usual media attack that Nour is a spy ,he is a bad guy and I think they are used the tabloid newspapers in this ,yet I feel that they got an opposite reaction from People as many people I know 'and they just regular persons who understand nothing in politics ' who told me 'did you see what happened to Nour because he wanted to run for presidency!!??
Expected the Unexpected from the Arabs

yet the greatest pressure isn't from Uncle Sam but from EU ,they threatened to freeze the Egyptian-European Partnership ,this means by its turn freezing to the Egyptian Economy!!

Now for the Internal pressures

I assuare you that the Regime knows very well that the people got sick of it ,yet they are silent as usual after all they are Egyptians famous by Patience,but as Thouma 'No.1 Egyptian singer said 'yet even For patience there is end for it'
in Numbers
Now this year we will have the elections ,Muabarak is in the rule for 23 years now ,4 periods and he seems to want the fifth, he is declared age is 76 ,the persidentail period is 6 years!!
another thing make things worse ,he wants his son to rule after him,a presidentail monachry !! Mr.Gamal Mubarak ,The future of Egypt 's Newsweek report from couple of monthes
yet Mubarak knows that people refuse that his son to inherit the presidentail throne
in the few monthes and especailly February ,huge protests were held ,people voice began to raise ,then came Lebanon ,and the Egyptians ironically who consider the lebanese as weak people who understand nothing except in music,fashion and women make up ,found them as strong people fight for their freedom
and I said before if the lebanese did ,we can did it
and I guess the regime thinks the same way like me
so under pressures especailly from Outside Egyptians theoritically got back one of their stolen rights
Practically well another day because I got no time now


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