Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Lebanese Victory

ok today noon the lebanese people had a great victory over the lebanese government ,the President ,the syrians ,the division threats and more important the Arabic dictatorship today .
Rashid Karmi's governmet reisgned in a hisotrical session in the lebanese parilment under the pressure of the public
yesterday ,today and tomorrow thousands of lebanese people are protesting against Syria and the lebanese system ,they will complete their protest untill they get what they want and they will with God's Will ' If the public want the life ,the chain must be broken and the night must be ended- Abi El-Kasem El-Shabi,the freedom tunisian poet'People slept in the streets of Beirut ,it turned from the fashion and shopping capital to the Symbol of Rebeliation against tyranninow it is not the divided Lebanon but united Lebanonnow the Ghosts of an ugly past went away ,every arabic country got many Ghosts of an ugly pastI feel this little country can make the greatest chagne in our arabic histroy I am Egyptian yet this victory made so happy as I were lebanese,because it gives me a great hope ,if the lebanese did it ,we can do it too
'I come from Beirut .scream it as loud as you can'Abd-El-Rahman El-Abenodi -the Egyptian Poet from 'coming from Beirut , 1980s'

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