Wednesday, April 6, 2005

The Egyptian Presidentail race ,it is going to be alot of fun

Ok People Today I will speak about the Egyptian Presidential race and its candidates' the people who wish to join the elections race but I am not sure they will" .Today I knew the full list of people and here there are:

1- Dr.Nawal El-Sadawy 'Like to call mad Nawal'
2- Dr. Ayman Nour 'famous our dear Mr. Ayman 'there was a puppet show by this name'
3- Ex-Parliment Member and Business Man 'Mohamed Farid Hassinin'
4- Dr.Saad El-Din Ibrahim 'famous espinage case of Ibn Khaledoun Center'
5- Business Man Adali Abadir 'this is the newest name in the list ,also what is more important is he is Chirstian ,living abroad'Know from it just few seconds from
6- some funny characters from the Egyptian society like famous Poet Ahmed Fouad Nagam ' is he going to rule the country from the roof !???'and some Lawyers want to have fame

All the names I am sure they know they won't have or even have a little chance not to win but to be in the race

I guess the name that will continue in the race will be Dr.Ayman Nour ,already it began to have a popularity in the egyptian street ,also it already began to win the west especailly the EU respect

for me I have another point aabout all this circus ,but this is for another day
This will seem to be a very long hot summer in Egypt

Note :I knew about the Pope visit obstacles from our neighbour Egyptian chirstian catholics

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