Sunday, April 10, 2005

Channels and stops

Ok I won't be able to update this space for some time because I am stuck in the study ,exams, tension and little annoying depression yet I will try from time to time to write some notes about the life from my own perspective 'don't we do this all in our blogs''

So I will go for the channels or stops in our daily life :
  1. The terrorist attack in El-Hussein from two days ,well I think it is a fake one made by some people who want the emergency laws to continue 'you know which people do I mean ?" ,my proof ,well I am not Mrs. Bond or Mrs. Cate Archer but if you read the two pages in Akhber El-Youm yesterday , and the propaganda for the Good -protecting -emergency law you would know what I mean .
  2. The threats of the Radical Jews to destroy our great Aqasa Mosque and the Dome of the rock to build their lost Arch are just bubbles in the air yet these bubbles can pollute the air ,U.S wants thing settle for a while in the Area so they can go in their plans for the new democracies great middle East or what so ever ,so I guess it is just the annual threats
  3. Amr Diab wants to run for the parliament Elections ,well after attending the World Economic Forum with sheriff Sabry and Ruby , he saw he must be like Sabah El-Fakhari in Syria , well this is the new thinking !!
  4. I guess the Egypt should be presented with the President himself in the Pope's funeral

Little Remark : here for all the Egyptian Orthodox Christians guys when I wrote about the pope's Incident it was based my neighbours and they are Catholics non Egyptians 'Lebanese' ,and also have activities in their church may be I got a wrong story from them so plz Don't misunderstand me

another Remark but more like Questions

-why will the university Exams start earlier then before?

-Is that true that in Mid 80s Japan wanted to have a free Zone in Suez City and we put all the obstacles that they took their bags and went to Oman?

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