Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Syrian Blog , it is not our fault

There is a Syrian blog I found today ,it is all about the politics and of course it struggles against the regime in Syria ,just like any other Arab country yet in Syria dictatorship stayed very very long dark time ,yes The Assad regime used to throw people from building ,The Hama incident,all these and more

what makes me sad ,that some Syrian friends told me that all the hard times that they see till now go back to the Egyptian -Syrian union in what so called some day the United Arab republic and that Nasser regime tough the Syrian militarist who to be real bastards who see democracy ,freedom and more important their own people as threats

Bad accusation ,Partially it is right and partially is wrong
It is right in the accusation to Nasser

but wrong to have all the blame on the Egyptians ,because already their military's wanted this way of acting and believed in it

You can't change a freedom believer and democracy lover to dictatorship infidel and cruelty worshiper ,it can't

Nasser regime gave a lot of agony and problems in Egypt till now we suffer from ,same thing in Syria and even worse ,you know why ?
well in my belief they didn't have a man called Anwar El-Sadaat ,God may bless his soul ,he wasn't the best ,but at least he was better than Nasser and El-Assad

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