Thursday, June 30, 2005

Libya New faCe , he deserves more than anyone

Ladies and Gentlemen
I present to you the crown prince of Libya ,the new As-Senussi generation
As-Senussis were the royal family was that ruling Lybia for centuries ,before the mad Green Man ,Africa's Hulk comes" El-Gadfi'
Last month ,the opposition in exile made an important meeting in foggy London to begin their 1000 miles road to free Lybia from the Mad Man Hand El-Gadfi
The prince send a letter and envoy to the conference and his name is from the candidates to make difference in Lybia history
So good Luck Prince ,I believe that you may be better than that CoCo-Nest Graduate

Behind The Bible Fraud - What Was The Church Trying To Hide?

Behind The Bible Fraud - What Was The Church Trying To Hide?
First of All ,I know for some of you this will be sensitive and some of you will be angry and say why this Muslim write about such topic ,well I read it and write about as a Muslim whose one of the basis of her belief is to believe in all proceeding prophets and religions before hers
Here I am saying my opinion which is based upon what is said in Islam concerning Christianity ,Jesus Christ ,virgin Mary and the Bible
I know that I am opening a door for discussion which I think it is useful for everyone,
I will begin first of quick summary of what is mentioned in the link hereIf you read the long article in Site , which is based on a book called 'Bible Fraud',
you will find it some it is similar to the Da Vinci Code Claims concerning Changing the original Bible and Godhood characteristic of Jesus Chris ,yet the article will deviate in great extent from the novel after that the Author says There was no Jesus but two twin brothers ,No GodHood character more than that they were rebel Jews that came with new teachings ,One of them came to Egypt to learn the ancient secrets of the priests and Jews ' stayed the 40 nights ,something is spookey about this number and I will say why later' that enabled him to cure people and other miracle ,
so we got two jesuses not just one ,and so the Book goes more and more , read it please
Now to what I think based on MY ISLAMIC BELIEF
  1. The two books aren't wrong about their Claims of Bible change ,we believe that the originals Bible was changed
  2. The Two Books are not wrong about The Human character Of Jesus Christ ,in Islam he is not a God or the son of God ,he is a human being and prophet of God , His word and Miracle , People if God was able to create Adam ,Won't the Lord be able to Create or Make Mary or Mariam pregnant without a man , He is the Messiah ,the word 'orders to Mary, there is no father or son or holy spirit ,the holy spirit in Islam is the great Angel Gabarel
  3. The twin thing is nonsense,There is one Jesus ,the son of Mariam
  4. Prophet Jesus didn't go any countries except Egypt and Palestine , going to England and other fairy trips mentioned in the Bible fraud is from the imagination of the Author like other things
  5. Jesus 'peace upon him' marriage from his follower Mary Magdalene is nonsense and having girls ,this is crab from the Da Vinci code are big fat lies despite all what is Said ,Prophet Jesus was a single

The virgin Mary 'Peace upon her' We consider her in the Islam ,as the greatest and Purest ladies of Heaven and Earth .She is from the ladies of Heaven with Moses pharoah's wife Queen Asia 'I will talk about her soon"We believe in Jesus like other prophets ,it is a condition in our belief to believe in God ,his messagners ,Angels and Books

Tomorrow I will complete speaking about another thing stopped me and made think a lot 'the 40 days and nights things"

Wacko Jacko to Bahrain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackson to Bahrain!!!!!
Can anyone tell me what is this creature doing in Bahrain the Muslim and arabic country !???
How could the price of Bahrain or his Son invite this sick person to come this land?
Do the people of Bahrain agree on this invitation ????
I am angry and sad for this

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The memories of an Egyptian Jew-eposide 2

Ok today I will complete presenting the memories of Mr.Youssef Darwish ,The oldest Egyptian Jew alive . I will speak about his memories concerning three important points : the modern Exodus from Egypt , the Egyptian Jews and Zionism and claims of mistreatment. "You can read the first part here"

I will start with the last point : The Egyptian Jews and Zionism ,first Zionism means supporting and believing in the existence of the State of Israel as home nation for all Jews ,It comes from Zion ,a mountain in Jerusalem and Now I will stop at here and go for the core thing.
According to Darwish :
  • Most Egyptian Jews didn't support the Zionism and evidence for that as their majority didn't go to Israel after the modern Exodus
  • The Egyptian Government before the revolution was lazy and reactive and didn't see the Zionist danger except after it was too late 'well also after the revolution ,no difference believe me, we respect the legacy'
Examples of Egyptian Government strange acts as he described it:
 1) Before the 1948 war,a minority of Jews formed the Egyptian Zionist Club and the Government at that time provided protected ,no this only but it fought anti-Zionist Club made by other Egyptian Jews !!!!!!!
2)The Zionist wanted to Rent Sinai to become a part from Israel from Abbas II in the beginning of the 20th century
The Mistreatment Claims
There are some claims from some Jews 'mostly Zionists' who said that they were mistreated because of their Religion and that's why they left Egypt in the 20th century as they claim
Well these all are big fat lies and here an Egyptian Jew who practiced his life freely ,yes he went to Jail three times but for being a communist not as a Jew
There were never mistreated even the Zionists from them ,and here is a good proof
In 1948 ,Mr. Darwish went to the Highkstep prison in Egypt 'special for political prisoners' in the charge of being communist,he stayed in the dirty cells with other communists while the Zionists were staying in clean cells with Cookers ,fridges and radio , not that only they were even let go to their home on Thursdays to sleep with wives well I don't see mistreatment here
The Second Exodus :
It happened on two waves ,the first one happened when few minorities from Low classes of Jews and foreigner Jews who came from Europe in WW2 left Egypt to Israel after 1948.
The second wave ,the greater one was from 1954 to 1962 ,the majority of the Jewish Minority left Egypt ,the high and middle Class who had the money went to Europe especially to France and to the US ,the low classes went to Israel
The reasons were not for  mistreatment more than economical ,and it wasn't for Jews only but for all Egyptians, the nationalization policies hurt a lot of rich Jews who couldn't stand it so they left with they could get quickly before Nasser could get it
The Jew and the Muslim Brotherhood founder
An interesting tale was told by Darwish in the show that his father was a friend to the founder of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group ,and he used to visit him in his house in New Halmia
A little fact : Mr.Darwish fought Israel and Zionism in his way ,the Egyptian lawyer was a special defender for the Palestinian rights in worldwide forums
Last part which I really love
Mona : Why didn't you leave Egypt like the others ?

Mr.Darwish : I am Crazy
Aren't we all Crazy with the love of Egypt !!??

Monday, June 27, 2005

The memories of An Egyptian Jew,eposide 1

Last night I watched one of the most interesting and best interviews ever on an Egyptian Channel ,that is Dream TV in my favorite program '10 PM '  it was in the second half for complete hour after the war of the words between Badrakhan and El-Lathy

The guest was the oldest Jew living in Egypt ,Mr.Youseff Darwish ,the 95 years old lawyer and left wing activist was one of the most nicest guests on TV ,he doesn't seem that old at all and still has an excellent memory despite old age, the old man still believe in Communism that he came to the Studio wearing a red T-shirt on it the picture of Guevara with french words

Despite the short time ,I believe two or three episodes aren't enough with such man ,he spoke about different and important things and they were: The claims of Jews about hostility in Modern Egypt ,The Difference between Jews on religious and geographical terms ,the State Of Israel and Zionism,the departure of Jews from Egypt in Modern times and the relations between Muslims and Jews and his own life

as you Can see he spoke about many things in just 60 minutes ,here I will summarize major points which I believe were interesting and worth to be known and recorded And before I began I would like to say that all what is written here is based upon the Interview ,also there will be some Jewish terms which I may write with wrong spelling ,I am sorry for that in advance and I don't mean any insult ,in fact After this interview I respected more the Jewish minority in Egypt

First difference between Jews
According to Mr.Darwish said yesterday the Jews are categorized in to two groups according to their religious sources and geography.
According to religious sources ,The 'Karaite 'Jews are those use the 'Torah ' as their sole source for Judaism ,those Jews don't believe in the State of Israel ,they don't involve in Politics and they are very similar to Muslims in their Practices according to Mr. Darwish who is from them 'I guess the famous Natorah Carta, the famous Anti-Israel Jewish group is in this category '
Then there are  the 'Rabbinic' Jews who use both The 'Torah' and The 'Talmud' as their sources for the Judaism ,those Jews believe in the State of Israel and they are the majority in the world now
According to the Geographical difference ,there are the "Sephardi" the Eastern Jews and the 'Ashkenazi ' the western Jews.

Second the Jewish Minority in Egypt 
It was one of the most oldest minority in Egypt ,here I am going to speak about his classification to it according to social classes ,the political conditions while the Exodus will be next time. The Jews in Egypt like the society were classified in to High Class, Middle Class and Lower Class ,there was a ghetto for the lower Jewish classes in a place still there in Old Cairo called 'The Ally of Jews ' other than that the middle and high class lived ever where in Egypt.

I will complete recording the memories of this nice old man tomorrow.
N.B ,I don't know what is the matter between Mona El-Shazely and Judaism these days ,today she is hosting the great Dr.Abd El-Wahab El-Misriy who wrote the grand book 'the Encyclopedia of Jews, Judaism and Zionism"

Sunday, June 26, 2005 Iranian Elections coverage | coverage of Iranian Elections
Ok whether this wins or that wins
here is a small facts about Iran which we consider it less than us ' I don't how or why':
1-Iran since the revolution in 1980 ,got 6 or 7 presidents all are elected by the people
2-Iran elections are for civilians and militarys
3-Iran elections are made in transparent boxes
4-several candidates
whether this or that wins I guess it doesn't concern any one in the world except the iranian people ,they choose who is the best for their country and interest not other countries' interest
So back off Bush , If they choose Najad ,The poor in Iran chose him because they think he will improve their lives ,so they must take the responsibility of their choice
Last ,Egyptian public newspaper the comic trio ,stop making fun of the Iranian system ,indeed it is not the best regime in the world or democractic but at least they got the freedom of chocie

P.S Please answer the poll

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Legendary Star: Soad Hosny's official website

 A Legendary Star: Soad Hosny official website. 
Her sister Gangah made this wonderful website ,it is good ,but it needs another layout that suits the Cinderella.
I will complete writing about her soon.

Updated in 2016 : 

Yes in 2016 , the website is offline. 
Soad Hosni in 1960s
Soad Hosni in 1960s 

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cinderalla memory

Don't forget her Posted by Hello
4 years passed after the tragic mystious death of the cinderella of Egyptian cinema Soad Hosni, in foggy London
Did you forget her ? I don't think so ,she is the everlasting beauty ,you know why? simply because her beauty is 100% Egyptian ,her skin ,her hair ,her spirt even as some described her as sexy .she is sexy in Egyptian term ,I use the present tenth here because I believe she is already alive with us from her movies
I don't like her early movies ,the swim suit - Hassan Youssef chases over the beaches style ,in fact I love the following movies and I guess Egyptians will agree with me
The second wife , Cairo 30 ,El Karnak ,onWhom shall we shoot the bullet ?,and Shafika and Matolly , the later I will speak about tomorrow inshallah
Her sister Gaganah 'hope I wrote the name right ' wants to open her death case investigation again ,she believes that SHE DIDN'T COMMIT SUICIDE
I agree with her ,Soso was murdered tomorrow I will say why?
Plz pray for her

Monday, June 20, 2005

Fear look

Look to their eyes ,see how they look , Don't you see the fear in their eyes ? Looking in fear for those who went to El-Sayada for protection !!! Posted by Hello
This picture taken from shows the real central security forces the police in Egypt use to crash any attempt of strikes , just forces of peasants from Country side 'did u watch Hennddy's movie Askar fi Moskar ' ,same mentality '
Those are the soldiers who hit the university professors with sticks ,the university professors who took the PHD from the greatest universities in the world ,got in the end humiliation for ignorant soldiers
These looks I saw are simply reflecting the belief inside the Egyptians especially about how powerful the Al-Bit ,watch the soldier in the middle ,this look on his face , a mix of fear and thinking ,I imagine a dialogue between he and himself
-what shall I do if they order me to hit them ? They are in the protection of the Sat El-tahra
-What will happen if I did what they order me ? The lady will be angry from me ,and the Lord may curse me?
-what will happen if I didn't listen to their orders ??????????????????????
This is what I imagine from this picture

Thursday, June 16, 2005

It really works

It already works ,the brooming of El-Siada Mosque Posted by Hello

President Mubarak gave his order to make another adjustment to the chapter 76 of presidential election
The presidential canadidate should have one passport only that is Egyptian
The presidential canadidate should have his military service done
The road legally is blocked for GM with his british passport and skipping the army :)
Madd ya sat ya Tahra

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Made especailly for GM

No for the Egyptian election law again I say it here for the whole world
people we all use our minds to think in logic ,okay so see the comedy the assembly is discussing and approved
According to the assembly ,MR. Egyptian president should be
1- A member in a political party ,a party that must have been established and approved 'put under it 1000 lines' from 5 years ago 'that means independent candidates are out of the game ,also all the politica parties that are established recently ,less than 5 years are also out of the Game ,and so they can't participate in the 2005/2006 elections!!next elections folks!!"
2- The presidential candidate must have approval from certain number more than hundred I guess from the assembly and the national concuils 'in the governates' !! 'taking in consideration that most of the members in the Assembly are from the National Democratic party 'ruling party' plus the national concuils members are appointed by the government and most of them are from NDP !!
3-The presidential candidate's party must have membership in the assembly 'from the minority less then 5 parties are from the opposition in the Egyptian PArliment majority for NPD!!!"
4- NO media coverage for the candidate in the punlic owned media " here no presidential candidate will present his program in The national tv or public newspaper !!
5-presidential candidates other than the NPD's candidate ,can't put any posters or make any public meetings outside their parties according to the current parties laws
6- The promotion campagin is only three weeks from the elections date in July to choose the president for six years!!
All those reasons made me trying to say No for the law but I failed ,check older post, nOw the honorable assembly added more strange conditions ,ironically intended to make it more easily to Candidates , yet if you read it, well you will ........I don't how to describe it
1- According to the new law , it is not a condition for the presidential candidate to be a college graduate ,a high school graduate can make it !!
2- According to the new law the presidential law ,it is not a condition to do his military service !! hmm ,I am with Civilian ,but at least he had his military service done!!
3- The presidential candidate can have two countries' passport ,he can have an egyptian passport and for examples ,heavens forbid and carries an Iserali passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last two conditions are tailored especailly for Mr. Gamal Mubarak ,the son of the president who didn't do his military service of course plus he has another country passport " I guess British"
What do you think GUys ? I want NOn-Egyptians to say what they think , I am right in my refusal , right!?

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Song made for now more than yesterday

شوف جدودك في قبورهم ليل نهارمن جمودك .
. كل عضمه بتستجارفين آثارك يا اللي دنست الآثار
دول فاتولك مجد وانت فُتّ عار
قوم يا مصري مصر دايما بتناديك
خد بنصري نصري دين واجب عليك
For Egyptians and Arabs ,all of you will know these immortal words by Siad Darwish and I guess Barim El-Tounsi 'correct me if I am wrong' this song 'Om ya Masri' made to encourage the Egyptians to rebel against the british occupation 'I don't think the word occupation is right because the britts didn't come for the British Isles and settled in our land ,it was just their army 'anyway for the indepedence they made this great song to wake up the rebel spirit in the Egyptians and they succeeded in it
Now I found these in in a report by the Egyptian correspendent for this e-newspaper about the anniveriasry of 67 defeat
I am not from 67 generation or 73 in fact I am from the so-called Peace generation
anyway I will stick to the topic as I feel I am getting lost here ,this song I feel suits Egyptian 2005 then Egyptian 1919 for the following reasons
  1. Egypt 1919 was under the British rule ,yet the national and civil activity was on the top ,for God Sake it was the Era of the great Gentle men :Saad Zaglol ,Ahmed Lotfy El-Said ,Kasm Amin, Shekih Mohamed Abdo ...but Egypt 2005 got Samir Ragab ,Shekih Said Tantawy , NAwal El-Sadaway
  2. See the second versus ,Egyptian 2005 done worset to our heritage ,at least all the thefts for our anicent treasures in Egypt 1919 happened under the British rule but in Egypt 2005 ,it is under 100% so -called Egyptian
  3. In Egypt 1919 there was a freedom of speech ,freedom to publish newspapers and magazines
  4. In Egypt 1919 Egyptians made stikes and demonstrations at anytime with out permission
  5. In EGypt 1919 when The British forces are the one used to attack the civilians in the demonstrations in Egypt 2005 it is the Egyptian police forces with National Democractic men
  6. In Egypt 1919 Women for the first time go in the demonstrations beside the men ,In Egypt 2005 the women are being sexullay herassed from the first time in the streets by the rented men by the NDP ,for God Sake the British soliders used to shoot the Ladies by bullets not tearing their clothers and pulling their veils
  7. in Egypt 1919 revolution was 'The religion for Allah 'God', the nation for everbody" ,in Egypt 2005 the tension is there and no one can danied !!
  8. In EGypt 1919 demonstations were loud anger expression ,in Egypt 2005 demonstrations are silent candle anger expersion !!
  9. In Egypt 1919 ,we fought for our independence ,in Egypt 2005 We fight for our Freedom!!
  10. In Egypt 1919 all Egyptians joined the revolutions ,in Egypt 2005 few Egyptians dared to say NO NO NO NO!!

yet there are some common points :

  1. Saad Zaglol was the leader in Egypt 1919 till now in Egypt 2005 we don't have this kind of personality so Egyptians 2005 gather in front of his tomb to express their silent anger,he still is our man
  2. The revolution of 1919 was strengthened with the American president of the fake choosing of destiny promise ,the uprising in 2005 is strengthened with the american president promise of the great middle East Democracy

So after reading this ,do you think that Siad Darwish meant Egypt 1919 or Egypt 2005?

back again for sure

Ok finished my senior year exams and I am free girl 'well no totally free as long as the whole country is not totally free'
I am very tired but nothing cannot stop me with God's will from updating my blog spaces whether in here or on MSN
I don't know what Shall I write now!!!!!!!!!!!!!