Monday, July 18, 2005

Cairo Goveronate Day

Yesterday I was asking why there were fireworks in the evening and I didn't have any clue for what occasion the Government is happy for and wanted to celebrate ,this confusion seemed to be shared with many as one of The Visitors ' Mustafa' heard and saw them but didn't know either for what reason reason was the Joy
Yet unknown visitor found out it was the Cairo Goveronate Day Yes people it was yesterday ,and nobody knows except few , I know the Giza Goveronate Day it is in March but This time it is for Cairo , the great Cairo ,one of the oldest cities and capital in the World ,The city that I hate and I love at the same time,want to get away from and get closer to ,anyway if my historical information isn't wrong in those day Gohar The Sicilian began to built Cairo the new Capital of Fatmais
those couple of days before the Glorious revolution will be dedicated for Cairo , I will do my own fireworks

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