Monday, July 18, 2005

A great Egyptologist passed away

This is really sad , just from two hours I knew from the television that Dr.Sayed Karim has passed away today after the 94 the year . This great man was genius in Architecture and city planning and got a world wide reputation and great achievements reconnaissance by the whole World ,after he was the man who planned for the Kingdom of Bahrain and City of Abu-Dabi in U.A.E , also he planned for Cairo in year 1953 , and it seemed it was the best in the last 50 years
If you notice I post this with the title Egyptologist , yes Dr. Karim was non-official Egyptologist with great unorthodox opinions about the Egyptian History especially the Ancient One
My grandfather knew this man personally ,he was his friend and from there I knew many of his unusual thoughts and theories that unfortunately were not welcomed by regular Egyptologist ,yet because of My grandfather friendship to him I had an opportunity to read some of these theories which I think there is something reasonable in it
I am very sad as it was one of my dreams to meet him personally and discuss with him as I follow the same school in Egyptology , Egyptologist from their homes as we say in Egypt
Yet Destiny didn't give me a chance
Dr. Karim was great thinker not just in Architecture or civil planning or Egyptology but also Islam and politics

Before I go this is from History Dr. Sayed Karim was the grand Son of the great Alexandiran resistant who stood against the French Army led by Napoleon in Alexandria ,I am sorry I don't remember his name I feel so shame

May God Bless your Soul ,Dr. Sayed Karim ,I will never forget you

I will post his opinions very soon
ironically yesterday was the Cairo Goveronate day ,which he organized in 1953

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  1. I admired the man very much, but I never knew Sayyed Karim was an Egyptologist.

    The great city planner who planned the modern Arab cities and who was never given the chance to apply his mastery to his own country!

    What a shame.

    Please tell us more about his unorthodox theories in Egyptology. I might find reassurance.


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